Camp Packs

So summer’s here; and that means a couple of things. Firstly, vacation, relaxing, bungalow colonies and oh, I almost forgot, CAMP! Most importantly, packing. Now that’s where Oh! Nuts comes in. Not that it should be first on your list of stuff to pack, buy and do (or maybe it should), but NOSH should definitely be on your ever-growing ‘To Do’ list. Part of your vacation is not working too hard on planning a wonderful summer birthday surprise because it’s just so easy to log on to and order a huge candy tray or a large basket over flowing with sweets only a camper and his/her campmates would truly enjoy. (You know that midnight snack thing campers must do if they want to integrate into camp lifestyle). Plus, how could you send that poor child or teenager onto that camp bus without a large bag of candy. We have ready made camp packages, gifts, party bags and any arrangements for any occasion and more! Well, here’s the thing – you don’t have to feel guilty about buying so many sweets you could totally make up for that by throwing in some dried fruit and nuts too! (Whew)! Ok, so I also understand that you might not like what we put in our trays and you’d rather customize the gift to your darling’s sweet tooth (and to your budget, of course). Just walk in to any of our 4 retail locations (click here for more details, choose your basket, fill it up with goodies and leave the rest to us! You could also call us and we’ll do the work for you. Now here’s the fun part! WE SHIP anywhere in the United States for a flat-rate fee. If your child happened to forget something at home, or you want to send a ‘miss you’ gift you could do just that! You could ship whatever you’d like, to any camp, as long as it fits into the box. It’s cheap, easy and fun! Just note – we won’t be able to ship any chocolate or chocolate gifts due to the summer heat since we can’t guarantee that it won’t melt. If you do wish to send chocolate, you have the option of paying for expedited shipping and we’ll include an ice box to ensure that nothing melts.
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