Chanukah Gelt Money

chanukah gelt
Nowadays chanukah has become such a concept for gifts. I mean, take the kids back in the day – chanukah came around and they were so excited to have the opportunity to kindle the menorah lights, sit around with the family and sing chanukah songs. The highlight of the evening (besides for munching into the oily, sweet suvganiot/donuts that Mom fried herself and stuffed with jelly) was when Grandpa/Zaidy would sit on the sofa and tell stories of old. When the stories ended they knew what was coming next. The twinkle in his eye told all, as he reached into his pocket and worn out wallet and took out a couple of coins and some raggedy looking dollar bills. Each child would receive chanuka gelt accoring to his age and they would be the happiest in the world! Now, forget the dollar. With modern age, came modern amounts of money and personally, and I’m sorry for offending anyone, but that’s ridiculous! The amounts of money that are given for Chanukah gelt – please do me a favor and use that money on GOOD, delicious yummy milk chocolate of course that is in the form of coins! I say great chocolate is a good way of saying Happy Hannukkah, no matter the age of the person.
Wait, I didn’t say to give just to give a few lousy coins, but Oh! Nuts has large boxes of chocolate money to make that impressive a Chanukah Gift. and remember to take som time and look at our Hanukkah Gift Baskets.


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