Passover DIY Chocolate Bars
Prep time
Total time
Make your very own kosher for Passover filled chocolate bars. Chocolate coconut or tangy jam and nuts.
Recipe type: Easy
  • Alprose Swiss Baking Chocolate
  • Passover Assorted Nonpariels
  • Passover Chocolate Syrup
  • Passover Cherry Preserve
  • 1LB Passover Shredded Coconut
  • 1LB Passover Honey Glazed Almonds
  1. Melt chocolate by putting it in a glass bowl above a pot of boiling water. This will both melt your chocolate and also make it easy to use and have a nice shine at the end.
  2. Pour the melted chocolate in to your chocolate bar mold. If you don't have a mold you can use any plastic or glass container that you find that will fit your needs. You want to fill the mold completely and pour the excess chocolate back in to the bowl.
  3. Let the chocolate cool in your fridge until firm.
  4. Chop honey glazed passover almonds and store aside.
  5. Take chocolate bars out of the fridge.
  6. Add your filling. You can use any filling you find fit. Make sure to have a thin and even spread and to cover all sides of the bar.
  7. Add your toppings: coconut or chopped nuts. Make sure topping are also evenly across the bar.
  8. Pour the rest of the chocolate on top of the filling. Make sure to cover all the sides of the bar and to not leave any holes or the filling will pour out. Tap the mold around to make the chocolate smooth.
  9. Put your bars back in the fridge until firm.
  10. Once bars are out, drizzle chocolate on top of the bar, in any shape or pattern you desire. While chocolate is still wet, sprinkle your toppings. Remove any excess topping to reveal a beautiful chocolate bar.
  11. Cool and let set until ready to serve.
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