Hanukkah Gift Ideas For Children

Hanukkah Gift Ideas For Children
Hanukkah Gift Ideas
Children love to receive gifts on the holidays; here are a few Hanukkah gift ideas you can share with any Jewish family that has children.
On the first night of Hanukkah, it would be appropriate to give the gift of a menorah. Most children are especially drawn to the lighting of the candles. Menorahs are available in many different styles and sizes. They vary in price as much as they vary in design. I t should not be difficult to find a menorah suitable for children of any age.
A second choice for the beginning of the holiday would be that of a dreidel. A dreidel is a four-sided top with a Hebrew letter on each side. During Hanukkah, Jewish children play the dreidel game. You can get dreidels for each year, just like Christmas ornaments. If you give a dreidel as a gift, remember that a roll of pennies is also necessary to play the dreidel game.
It is good to come up with Hanukkah gift ideas that are more meaningful than just toys or chocolate coins. Hanukkah is a very fitting time to give a gift to a charity in the child’s name. Hanukkah is a blessed family time and most children are upset to learn that there are other children not fortunate enough to receive a gift, no matter how small, every nigh of Hanukkah. They will be pleased and excited to learn that something was given, in their name to a less fortunate child.
Board games are superb Hanukkah gifts, as it is a time of family and togetherness.
Giving a gift of skill or knowledge is proper at Hanukkah. Perhaps the child likes to build model airplanes or cars. Maybe she is gifted with making crafts or painting pictures. A subscription to a magazine is among some very thoughtful Hanukkah gift ideas.
Hanukkah is eight nights long and it can be tough to come up with the money for eight nights of gift giving, let alone ideas. This is one of the cost-free Hanukkah gift ideas. Make coupons for 3 hour of free service. This can include almost anything from washing the dishes to mowing the lawn. Be careful parents, the kids have been known to find some creative ways of cashing in coupons from you.
Hanukkah is a holy time and, as such, giving a gift that comforts is extremely appropriate. Perhaps it might be a stuffed animal or pajamas. Older children might appreciate a comforter or quilt. Anything that lures you to cuddle and makes you smile is a good gift at Hanukkah.
Remember that Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday, so give something Jewish. Traditional Jewish Hanukkah gift ideas that can be given are dreidels, which we have already mentioned, or gelt. Gelt is Yiddish for money. Hanukkah gelt is often given in the form of chocolate covered in foil to look like coins. Real spending money can also be given for Hanukkah gelt, but it is usually given in coin as opposed to paper currency.


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