Passover 2010

Passover 2010
Passover 2010 this year falls out on March 30, 2010. The holiday will begin nightfall on Monday, March 29th will be the passover 2010 first seder. Passover will last a total of eight days outside the land of Israel, and will end on April 6th.
Passover begins early this year, so it is best to start preparing as soon as possible. If you are staying home and cooking Passover foods by yourself, there are a variety of ingredients already available for your cooking use.
There are also Passover cookies and cakes available now before the pre-Passover rush begins.
Purim has now ended. It is time to prepare for Passover 2010. Start cleaning up your home, and turning over your kitchen into a kosher-for-Passover cooking station.


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