When is a Good Time to Send a Camp Care Package

Anytime is a Good Time
There is never a bad time to send a camp care package. At any point during a child’s camp experience, a care package is a perfect gift. Whether you want to send one just because, or you are sending one for a certain reason, it will always be received with a smile.
Arriving at Camp
If it is your child’s first time at summer camp, the arrival process can be difficult. With so many strangers to face and not knowing your way around, you little one can feel lost and alone. Having a camp care package delivered to your child upon their arrival is a great way to loosen their tension.
If this is a repeat trip for your child it can still be somewhat daunting. Sending a camp care package with a little note reminding them of how much fun they had last trip, will certainly help spark their excitement.
Reward an Achievement
During summer camp, there are many opportunities for children to earn achievements and special praise. When our children do something wonderful, we immediately want to show them how proud we are. When your child is away it is hard to accomplish this. Sending a camp care package can give them the message of our pride. It can give them all the encouragement they should receive for whatever it is they have accomplished.
Making Friends
Making new friends at camp is essential to enjoying the time spent there. Some people easily make friends while others can have a more difficult time at it. Party camp care packages are the perfect solution.
Not only will your child feel proud to throw their own party for their camp mates, but it will also help them with the confidence they need to mingle. Campers will definitely be thankful for the goodies and good memories.
Feeling Home Sick
Maybe you received a letter or a phone call from your child and they are home sick. The distance between a child and their friends and family can be a difficult thing to swallow. This is a great time to show your child that you are always with them. Receiving camp care packages with lots of candy will take their mind off the distance between you as well as re-spark some excitement during their trip.
If other campers are feeling home sick you can help them too. By sending a party camp package to your child they can be sure to help others feel more welcome and enjoy their camping experience. You will benefit in knowing you helped your child help someone else.
Getting Involved
Not being able to be involved with your child during their trip can be hard for parents. Sending a camp care package can make everyone feel as though you are with them and that you are an involved parent. Knowing that you care enough to send a care package will let your child see your involvement. Nothing is more rewarding than that


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