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Bulk Candy for Kids (Or the Kid in all of Us)

Kids and candy go together like Romeo and Juliet, bread and butter, summer and flip flops, and…you get the gist. At Oh! Nuts we get kids and their love for sugary treats. That's why we've scoured the many different types of candy out there and bring you a grand assortment that we know kids (young and old) will enjoy. Our fun candy assortment runs the gamut from classic to modern treats that you can buy in bulk by the pound or in pre-packaged quantities. We'll be here a while if we try to list all the different varieties of kids candy we sell so we'll give you a small sampling of what we have.Read More...

98 Kids Candy Shoppe

Browse licensed character candy (Hello Kitty and Disney), nostalgia (candy buttons, candy necklaces and tootsie rolls), animal gummies and modern marvels (blink pops, liquid candy and candy spray) and plenty more. When it comes to flavors, you'll definitely find every variety you can think of and even some unusual ones such as bacon flavor! This assortment of fun candy is all about novelty, with a wide variety of options in unique, playful shapes that will delight kids and grown-ups alike. Buy novelty candy wholesale through our online store in bright colors and shapes like rings, animals, footballs, basketballs, slot machines, blocks and so much more. This kids candy is perfect for parties, favors, Easter baskets, holidays and even for dressing up your fun-filled cakes and cookies.

Just some of the popular national and worldwide brands you'll discover as you shop include Wonka, Jelly Belly, Pez, Klik and more. There are so many uses for our candy for kids selection that taking advantage of our wholesale pricing and buying in bulk makes sense. Our selection of novelty wholesale candy is ideal for birthday parties, Halloween bashes, bar and bat mitzvahs, stocking stuffers and school fundraisers and functions. They also make a great care package for when your kids are away at camp. Treat your "big kids" who are away at college with some yummy treats, too. They'll enjoy a sugary snack or two while they're studying. Shop Oh! Nuts for a grand selection of nostalgic and modern candy and you'll put a smile on any child's face. Just have their dentist on standby!

Why Trust Oh! Nuts?

Here at Oh! Nuts, we're in the business of supplying high-quality novelty candies and bulk candy to those of every budget, dietary restriction and personal preference. Not only do we keep our candy affordable, but we also offer great discounts when you stock up on large quantities. And, we even offer free shipping deals to keep your budget in-check. Oh! Nuts always backs its products with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you're completely pleased with the quality, freshness and service of your order with us!