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Candy Mini Packs

Maybe you have a hankering for some popular name-brand candy, but are not currently looking to order big quantities. We have you in mind here at Oh! Nuts with our candy mini packs featuring such big names as Jolly Rancher, Mike & Ike, Skittles, Pez, Dots, and a whole lot more. You'll find 96 varieties in all, in quantities ranging from 9 and 12 ct. on up to 24 ct., with only a handful numbering more.

84 Candy Mini Packs

We won't even try listing all your options. Everything is here from bubble gum, jawbreakers, sour sticks, and mints to gumdrops, wax bottle drinks, candy corn, and both candy bracelets and necklaces. Because you're not committing to a large-scale purchase, it becomes much easier to get several of your favorites and keep a nice stash on hand! Our candy packs are clear must-haves. That's because you're not only getting all the goodies you've come to know and love, but at prices much better than grabbing a one-off while standing at the grocery checkout. You know it's just a matter of time before you enjoy these treats again, so make your move now and get any candy variety pack cheap.

Our candy packs are readily in stock, and your order will receive prompt turnaround. While you're at it, browse our site thoroughly because if your order should top $99, shipping is free. There's no need to await a sale, because we regularly cut out the middleman, automatically passing along the savings to you.

So think of Oh! Nuts as your one-stop shop for all things candy, and we don't stop there. You will also find nuts, chocolates, dried fruits, baking supplies of every type, and unique items you will be surprised to find available. Right at your fingertips you'll find more than 2,000 items. This means we spare you hours of schlepping from store to store.