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Bulk Snack Mixes, Granola & Veggies

Searching for snacks that are healthy for your body and pleasing to your taste buds? Your search ends here! Oh! Nuts sells a grand assortment of good for you, delicious snacks. Fill your pantries and shelves with bulk granola, dried fruit, sesame sticks, and snack mixes that blend nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Whether your palate prefers sweet or salty snacks we have something for everyone. Like Asian-inspired snacks? Try our wasabi mix of rice crackers, soy nuts, wasabi beans and a blend of spices. Trying to follow the FDA’s recommendations to eat more veggies? Try our yummy green bean chips, fried green peas and okra chips. Are you a sweets person? Indulge in our dried fruit assortment. Read More...

37 Bulk Snack Mixes, Granola & Veggies

Our scrumptious snacks are made using the finest, freshest ingredients such as cashews, raisins, sunflower seeds, soybeans, peaches, apricots and too many more to list. Our snack mixes and granola are conveniently sold in bulk by the pound so you can order as much as you need — a little or a lot. Not sure which variety to buy? Some of our snacks have sample sizes that you can order to try out. Once you find your favorites, load up and keep them readily available around the house for you to nibble on. Don’t forget to bring some to the office. Reach for these healthier alternatives when you get an afternoon craving and want to steer clear of the cookies and cake in the break room. Kids also love our granola and snack mixes. Pack some for their daily snack and lunches. They’re filled with lots of vitamins and nutrients to help them get through their long day. Not just for snacking by the handful, our assortment of granola and fruit, nut and seed mixes can be added to some of your favorite dishes. Try them in salads, yogurt and cereal.