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Oh! Nuts 12 Variety Mixed Nut Gift Basket

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SKU: 73120

Healthy Kosher Gift Basket

Sectional Wooden Tray
filled with healthy snack foods

  • Sugar Free
  • No Sugar Added
  • All-Natural
  • Dairy Free
  • Approx. Dimensions: 11.5" x 8.75" x 1.25"
  • High Protein
  • Purim Basket Mishloach Manot
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Parve - Dairy Free
Do you want to send a gift basket that is healthy and ideal for those on restricted diets?  This Oh! Nuts Wood tray gift box has twelve sections, each one filled with protein-rich snack foods.  Premium gourmet nuts and seeds are featured in a wide variety.  The delicious nuts and seeds in this charming gift box make this a super healthy gift basket.  This would be a great idea to send to a friend or loved one who might be:  diabetic, on the paleo diet, off of sugar, dieting, living gluten-free, or someone who has chosen to be conscientiously healthy.   
It is also great for those who like good food. The quality of the dried nuts and crunchy seeds in this gift package is amazing.
Sugar Free
No Sugar Added
Dairy Free
Approx. Dimensions: 11.5" x 8.75" x 1.25"
High Protein
Purim Basket Mishloach Manot
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories.
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
  Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
based on 33 reviews
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Absolutely Fresh and Delicious
by None from MO on 10/28/2021
Used as gift to my best girlfriend.
They loved it!
by Jrzy Guy from Jersey Shore on 2/7/2021
This was a gift for my nephew who LOVES nuts. The order was filled and shipped very quickly. He really appreciated the assortment and said they were fresh when they arrived. So based on the Nut Lover's assessment, I would order these again!
A big hit!!! They loved the variety of nuts and the beautiful wooden high quality box they came in. Would definitely buy this product again!!
by Amy from Ma on 1/28/2021
Gave the nuts as a birthday present. My friend is watching her sugar intake and I read that Almonds can help lower your sugar.
A Big Hit
by Joey from on 1/14/2021
We received a beautiful tray containing different nuts as a holiday gift! Some of the nuts we knew and loved and some of the nuts were new to us and now we have some new favorites. Thank you to Oh Nuts for showing us that there are so many choices of nuts for our family to enjoy!
perfect gift
by garden girl from Racine on 1/12/2021
Sent these as gifts. Both parties let me know how much they enjoyed them more than once. will send more as gifts in the future.
Fantastically Fresh and Flavorful!
by remreel from on 1/5/2021
First of this product arrived very quickly! Great job on getting your product out the door to my doorstep. Second; it tasted fantastic. A big hit, a product I will be sure to buy again.
Great Nuts
by Mike from Florida on 12/27/2020
This product makes an excellent, healthy gift.
Great snack for Christmas Eve nibbles!
by Anna from on 12/26/2020
Sent this as a Christmas gifts and the recipients sent thanks and praise. Said it was fresh and tasty - perfect for Christmas Eve nibbles thru the nite!
Well Received!
by Gift Giver from Kansas City on 12/10/2020
This was given as a gift to my parents who are in their mid 70s and live in Los Angeles. They loved the the nuts and worked their way through them quickly. They commented that the packaging and wood tray lovely.
A lovely surprise gift...
by Mejma from Raleigh on 8/14/2020
The tray presentation is useful, especially if you would like to share. It was fun to have a wide variety to sample. I threw out the corn kernels because with a little exposure to the ambient humidity they became "tooth breakers." The hazel nuts were over roasted which made them taste burned or stale. The skins flaked off and made a mess on the table and floor... and unpleasant leavings if one had helped oneself to saucer of nuts.
Sent as a gift. They were thrilled! Would sent again.
by MorganMorning from From Aurora, IL gifted to Chrisman, IL on 8/14/2020
Sent as a gift. They were thrilled! Would sent again. Arrived quickly even though shipping to a small town. Arrived a day earlier than expected.
A great experience!
by Tina from New England on 7/2/2020
Timely delivery. Everything was fresh and delicious! No complaints at all.
Father's Day present for 96 year-old dad
by Madeleine from North Dakota on 6/22/2020
My dad absolutely loved this assortment of 12 types of nuts. He still has almost all of his teeth at age 96 and had no problems chewing, swallowing and digesting this bountiful assortment. The product arrived promptly and in great condition. Will purchase again.
Great Mother’s day gift!
by Narapez from Pa on 5/26/2020
Wonderful product!! Will absolutely purchase again.
I will be gifting this again!
by tamdoll from New Hampshire on 2/27/2020
The recipient couldn't get over how fresh and delicious the variety in this package were. I will be ordering again for sure! This is a great gift.
Will order again!
by Sister Bird from North Carolina on 1/27/2020
Although it was a day late in delivery, the recipient thoroughly enjoyed the nuts!
Awesome! I would buy it again.
by Ivancitoo from Florida on 1/13/2020
I would buy this product again
by Liz from Manhattan NYC on 1/10/2020
We sent this basket to all of our clients for the holidays. And they all loved them.
Perfect gift
by Kim from Texas on 12/20/2019
So delicious and makes the perfect gift for family and friends. Everyone loves the variety. I even bought one for myself. I would definitely recommend it.
The people I sent it too loved the nuts and said the box was beautiful
by Doreen from California on 10/15/2019
Get well gift it arrived quickly with a great presentation
The recipient of this gift was ecstatic!
by Shotsie from Maine on 1/7/2019
The recipient of this gift said the nuts were better than any store bought nuts and that the pecans were “heavenly”. I ordered this gift on a Monday and it was delivered to Maine On Thursday! Couldn’t be more pleased and will definitely be ordering from Oh Nuts again.
my mom loved it
by lk from on 7/26/2018
my mom is so happy thank you
Great Gift
by Chaz from California on 7/19/2018
Birthday gift
Recipients were very happy with this
by Etti from Jerusalem on 3/22/2018
Was used for dessert after Purim meal.
•I would buy this product again and again
by Michael from Florida on 2/20/2018
Excellent git
Reliably fantastic
by David K. from Pittsburgh, PA USA on 1/23/2018
We have always been happy with our purchases from Oh! Nuts. They are our first choice for gift baskets for all types of occasions. The website is intuitive and user-friendly, the variety of choices is tremendous, the cost is reasonable, and the service is reliable. For what more could you ask?
Great gift idea
by Janice from Ruskin on 1/21/2018
Great gift idea
Easy Christmas idea
by Midgi from IN on 12/25/2017
I bought this as a Christmas present for my sister and her husband. They’re very hard to buy for, but this was a hit with them. It shipped to Florida without any problems and I didn’t even have to wrap it. I would order again.
Beautiful, colorful and Healthy Gift
by Yossi from New York on 11/29/2017
This was a great gift with a wide variety of nuts that was received really well. Delivery was fast - next day shipping! The one thing that would've really made it even better would be if the nuts would be roasted and salted. Hopefully they'll make this style platter with roasted and salted nuts in the future.
Well satisfied!
by Fr. Bill from Portege, MI on 8/30/2017
Make wonderful Gifts!
An awesomely welcomed surprise!
by Sleighill from Charlotte, NC on 7/5/2017
This delightful nut tray was given as a Father's Day present! Being a nut lover....the recipient says his ony problem was deciding which variety to eat first...since the tray comes with many bountiful choices. It is still ranted and raved over til today, July 5th already. Thanks so much Oh Nuts!...for the expedient delivery and a great product! Sharon Gil
by HR from Newark, NJ on 5/15/2017
Delicious and beautiful presentation
I would buy this product to send as a gift item without hesitation
by Carl from on 1/10/2017
It was sent as a gift & was very well received