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Passover Bakery Cakes & Cookies

Stock up on delicious kosher Passover foods, Passover cakes, Passover cookies and kosher desserts just in time for the holiday. Oh! Nuts has all everything you need to give as gifts or to set your splendid kosher Seder table - get ready for your loved ones to gather around to observe the festivity, sanctity and tradition of the Passover observance.

79 Passover Bakery Cakes & Cookies

We have a huge variety of Passover cakes, Passover cookies, matzo and matzah, rolls and buns and more. Choose your favorite flavors, fillings and textures, and set these beautifully created, colorful and delicious items out for your friends and family - or give as thoughtful gifts that will put a smile on their faces. We even have kosher gluten-free cakes and cookies for those with dietary restrictions.

Choose from a huge variety of Passover cakes. Each cake is moist and delicious - it will look like you spent hours in the kitchen. Whether you are a fan of chocolate or prefer a tart fruit filling, we have just the cake you are looking for.

Choose intricately designed layers, decorative rolls, checkerboards, brownie cakes, home-style raspberry pies, Bundt cakes and rainbow-colored delights. We even have miniature cakes that are soft, delicate and make for stunning trays and place settings.

Our beautifully rolled cakes are so lovely to look at and set at your table. We have all kinds of roll cakes - enjoy their home-made taste without all of the work. Delicious chocolate variations, fruit flavors and roll cakes with decorative, tasty nut garnishes and flavors will add a sweet touch to your desserts. Each flavor has a gorgeous, swirled filling nestled inside. If muffins are more your style, we have many flavors to choose from.

Set out our bakery-style cookies that are both decorative and delicious - they're even special enough to give as gifts. The tough part will be choosing which ones to buy. You'll love our sandwich cookies, macaroons, sprinkle cookies, hamantashchen, lace cookies and more.

Choose from hand- or machine-made matzos in different sizes, shapes and flavors. Our festive chocolate-covered matzos will add sweetness to the crunch and would make a thoughtful gift. Check out our Complete Seder Gift Packs and our Passover College Gift Pack and let someone know that you are thinking about them during this holiday season.