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Passover Cereal, Snacks & Crackers

Passover will be the best eight days of the year when you replace your usual snacks with yummy choices from Oh! Nuts. Don't let your pantry and cabinets go sad and bare during Passover after you've chucked the bread, crackers and cookies. Stock them with delicious items that are kosher for Passover and oh so snackable. In fact, you can make it easier than ever to stock up for Pesach: You can add enough cakes, cookies, nuts, crackers and snacks to feed your whole family during the entire Passover holiday with just one click. Just visit Oh! Nuts's Passover ‘Stock Your Tea Room' page and add the whole shebang to your cart with the touch of a button. And we're not talking about boring replacements for your usual ho-hum bread products either. Experience our cappuccino milk or bittersweet chocolate bars, our chocolate chip granola or our animal crackers, which are not only approved for Passover but are gluten free too. You'll enjoy plenty of gluten free options for this holiday, including plain and "everything" flavor Passover crisps and fresh boxes of cinnamon or chocolate graham crackers. Don't pass up our other delicious snacks, such as Lieber's potato chips, available in original, honey, barbeque and onion garlic. Or Bamba brand peanut snacks and strawberry snacks. Make your seder a little sweeter with traditional "ma nishtana" seder treats from Oh! Nuts too, and you'll know why this night is different from all other nights. Your family and friends will ooh and ahh when you pass the seder plate around this time when they see the homemade matzos available from Oh! Nuts as well. Our rustic, round shmura matzos are handmade and available in white or wheat varieties. Unleavened never tasted so good or looked so authentic. And for when those sweet cravings strike, don't feel deprived. Oh! Nuts's rich chocolate covered matzo is delicious for Passover, or any time of year.

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