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Passover Marshmallows, Gummy & Jelly Candy

At Passover it always seems like the little things you can't have that sneak up on you and leave you disappointed. That's why Oh! Nuts is stepping in to bring you all the yummy snacks and treats you love and wish you could have every day of the year, including at Pesach. We offer an affordable assortment of fun and delicious marshmallow, gummy and jelly candies you'll love munching on or sending as cute gifts to friends and family. Stock up on our milk chocolate coated marshmallow bars, a light and fluffy treat that get a decadent twist from their topcoats. Choose the bright mix of oval jellies or mini fruit flavored slices if you love fun colors and chewy treats. Totally on-theme for Passover are our silly sour jelly bears, which stalk your seder plate to commemorate the plague of wild animals that was visited on the Egyptians. You'll be roaring when they're gone! Fortunately, Oh! Nuts has plenty of other scrumptious treats to take their place, like jelly worms, gummy fish and. Put out a bowl of our sour fruit candies for a bright pop of color at bulk candy pricing. These sour balls are candy coated jellies that the kids will love. Our handmade rainbow jelly squares, a four-layer treat carefully constructed to look and taste great and make you nostalgic for the Passovers of your own childhood. And speaking of the tastes of your youth, Oh! Nuts offers a range of lip-smacking marshmallow candies the whole family will enjoy too. From white marshmallows ready for their chocolate and kosher for Passover graham cracker sidekicks, to long colorful marshmallow twists and pink and white marshmallow mixes, you won't have to do without a thing this year. Our Passover friendly candy is certified kosher for Passover and parve dairy free under the strict supervision of various authorities, including OK Laboratories, Rabbi Yechiel Babad, Rabbi Binyamin Gruber, Rabbi Menachem Meir Weismandel and others. Some kosher for Passover certificates are even viewable in the product description online.

Kosher marshmallow

24 Passover Marshmallows, Gummy & Jelly Candy
Milk Chocolate Coated Marshmallow Bars - 24CT Box
$23.99 $1.00 ea.
Sold out for Passover 2018
Dairy Chalav Yisroel
Passover Pink & White Marshmallow Cubes - 6 oz Bag
Sold out for passover 2018
Certified Kosher for Passover under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union.
Passover Assorted Jelly Beans - 9 OZ Bag
Sold out for Passover 2018
Certified Kosher for Passover and Parve under the strict supervision of the OK Laboratories.