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Purim Kids Colorful Crayola Pencil Gift Mishloach Manos - 8 Pack

SKU: 77156

Colorful Kids’ Shalach Manos

Bulk Pack Purim Baskets

Pencil Case Gift

Creative Kids Gift

  • Purim Basket Mishloach Manot
Product bears reliable hechsher
We’ve cased out the Purim market, and we know that we offer the most fun and colorful children’s Shalach Manos.  To make children’s Purim gift giving easy and fast for you, we’ve bundled our Purim gifts into bulk packs and offer you affordable 8-pack Purim Kids’ Party Favor Bundle.  Whether you are a Bubby or Zeide looking for fun ways to gift your einiklech this Purim or a teacher looking for creative school-themed Purim gifts, the Crayola Pencil Case Gift Pack is a great Mishloach Manot to use as your kiddie Purim favor.  

* Nosh may vary and substituted to equally valued items 
* Pencil comes in 4 colors and is shipped in random. 
Purim Basket Mishloach Manot
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