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Purim Kids Lollipop Surprise Putty Gift Mishloach Manos - 6 Pack

SKU: 77160

Fun for Purim Day Shalach Manos Gift

Kid-friendly Silly Purim Gift Baskets

Buy Mishloach Manot by the Half Dozen

  • Purim Basket Mishloach Manot
Product bears reliable hechsher
Whose putty in whose hands, Jewish grandmas and grandpas?  You might put the putty in their hands (and keep them occupied all Purim day long), but we know that the grandkids have you wrapped around their little fingers.  Which is why you are going to go all out, and get all those favorite grandchildren the exciting Oh! Nuts Kiddie Shalach Manos basket.  

No, this Purim basket selection for children is not exclusively for Bubbies and Zaidies.  We know it can st-rrr—e-tch all the way to include being given as Purim gifts by teachers, by the Shul candy man, or can even be used for the neighborhood gang.  Great big lollipop, super Purim snacks and the fun putty gift make this a perfect Kid Purim Gift.

Available by the half dozen, the Pretty Putty Purim Pack will make your Purim gift giving easy this year.

* Nosh may vary and substituted to equally valued items 
Purim Basket Mishloach Manot
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