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Koppers Chocolate Berries

Colorful, Flavorful and So Very Scrumptious

Colorful confections and delicious cordial flavors make Kopper's Chocolates picks for any occasion. At Oh! Nuts, we're stocked up on a variety of tasty chocolates from Kopper's Chocolate, like Amaretto Cordials, Nordic Pastel Mints, Pecan Cinnamon Buns, Razz Malted Milk Balls, Dark Chocolate Almond Jewels and so much more. One bite of any of these mouthwatering chocolates is sure to put a smile on your face. All of these delicious morsels contain fun flavors in their candy or chocolate shells - it's up to you which you choose to indulge in. So, shop Oh! Nuts for a huge selection of chocolates from this delicious brand - we promise you won't be disappointed.Read More...

5 Koppers Chocolate Berries
Red Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberries
$10.59 per lb.
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Certified Kosher Dairy under the strict supervision of OK laboratories.

Perfect for the Party

Due to their fun flavors and colorful shells, these candies make for wonderful decorative pieces for every event. Stock up on Patriotic Chocolate Mint Lentils for Independence Day or get some Pastel Mint Chocolate Lentils for the springtime. Cordials, like cherry, raspberry, amaretto and coffee flavored cordials, make for excellent additions to wedding favors or bowls of candy. With lots of kosher and parve options, Kopper's Chocolate candies make for great picks for Passover too. With bulk pricing options available, you can get great discounts when you buy wholesale. Stock up on candy for your event - or yourself - we wouldn't blame you.

Mix and Match with Other Awesome Snacks

With loads of other awesome products like fresh, quality nuts, delicious house-made chocolates, sweet and nutritious dried fruit and veggies and a huge selection of candy, Oh! Nuts is your source for when you want to build a collection of tasty treats. Mix some of Kopper's Chocolate candies with salty nuts for a great grab bowl of treats or mix them with other candies and make the candy mix of your dreams. Or, if you aren't feeling so creative, we also sell gift baskets and boxes to make things easy.