How to Create a Candy Buffet

Candy buffets add an element of fun and color to your wedding or event. The key to a fabulous wedding candy buffet is not skimping on the candy! Your display is as much a part of your décor as it is a sweet favor for guests. Here are some guidelines to take your candy buffet from ordinary to extraordinary:
Items you’ll need:
• Tablecloth or runners to place underneath your display that compliment your color choices
• Glass containers in a variety of shapes and sizes work best, but I also like using white, black, or metallic containers. The key is keeping all the containers the same color. Be sure to check that all vessels are food-safe and wide enough to accommodate a scoop or tongs.
• Candy scoops or tongs
• Cellophane/Glassine bags or small boxes for guest to fill with candy. Also have on hand labels or ribbon for guests to secure their bags after filling. Having a candy buffet attendant is helpful.
• Ribbon, tags, and labels can also be used to decorate the containers and identify the types of candy.
How much candy for a wedding candy buffet?
There are a few questions to keep in mind when you are ordering your candy:
How many people are attending the event?
• Large Events & Weddings: 8 – 10 types of candy {10-15 lbs each}
• Small Events (under 100): 5 – 8 types of candy {5 –10 lbs each}
How large is the candy buffet table and how many containers do I need?
This is a design element of your event and you want it to look stunning as well as give each guest a fun treat to take home. Order your candy well in advance so you can assemble a similar sized table with your tablecloth, containers and candy. Each container should be very full and mounded up if possible. This way you will have plenty of time to order more candy or add containers if need be. Practice makes perfect!
What type of candy?
Choose candy that coordinates with your event colors, (Candy by Color) theme, or a childhood favorite. Keep in mind the weather and venue. You don’t want to serve candy that will melt in an outdoor summer event.
Candy buffets are the perfect send off for any event. Young or old, who doesn’t want to be a “kid in a candy store”?



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