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Oh! Nuts ◊ Passover Gift Baskets - Candy Chocolate & Nuts

Passover Gift Baskets - Candy Chocolate & Nuts

Our Kosher L'Pesach Gourmet Food Includes Passover Chocolate Products, Cakes & Cookies, Kosher L'Pesach Candy, Nuts, Dried Fruits & Passover Gift Baskets. We offer Kosher Parve Products in all our Passover sections since most of the Passover meals are served with meat and fish. Our Passover Baskets are up-to-date designed & we try to make your Passover gifts shopping as easy and convenient as possible.

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When is Passover 2014? Passover falls on the 15th day of Nissan and according to this year's Gregorian calendar, in the evening of April 14th. The Passover Seder is celebrated in the evening Monday, April 14th. Therefore, all orders that have to be shipped in time for Passover, have to arrive no later than Monday, April 14th. Following the first two days of Passover, there are four days of Chol HaMoed starting on Thursday, April 17th (17 Nissan) through Sunday, April 20th. The 2nd half of the Passover Holiday is called Shvi'i Shel Pesach (The 7th day of Passover), it starts in the evening of Sunday, April 20th. (21 Nissan) and is the day that the Red Sea was split during the Exodus. It is the last day of Passover in Israel. Jews living outside of Israel (Jewish diaspora), celebrate Passover for 1 additional day, Tuesday, April 22nd (22 Nissan). It's called Acharon Shel Pesach (The last day of Passover).

At Oh! Nuts We pride ourselves by bringing you high quality Passover Gift Baskets - Candy Chocolate & Nuts at reasonable prices.

Our Passover Gift Baskets - Candy Chocolate & Nuts are kosher as well all our Nuts, Candy, Chocolates and all other items are kosher under rabbinical supervision. Buy Passover Gift Baskets - Candy Chocolate & Nuts at cheap prices and great quality.

We also offer a large variety of Kosher gift baskets like Purim Basket & Mishloach Manot and Hanukkah Gift Baskets and chocolte Chanukah Gelt party and wedding favors including a large selection of jordan almonds in a variety of colors Silver Jordan Almonds , white Jordan Almonds, Pink, Blue and many more.

You will also find our Passover Food selection including Passover Cake & Cookies, Passover candy, Passover Chocolates and Passover Nuts.