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Oh! Nuts ◊ Bulk Dried Fruits

Bulk Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits: A Delicious, Nutritious Snack

If you're looking for a guilt-free treat, look no further than our bulk dried fruit varieties. These selections make for healthy, naturally sweet snacks and are available in money-saving bulk-buy packaging at Oh! Nuts. Instead of an ordinary candy bar, why not treat yourself to low-fat or no-fat dried fruit snack? They're easy to add to a single-serving container to throw in your bag for a quick pick-me-up during your busy day. Our dried fruit pieces are also dairy-free, egg-free and certified kosher.Read More...

Ultimate Guide to Dried Fruit

Good-for-You Treats

When the water is removed from fruit, some nutrients become even more concentrated, making dried fruits a healthy choice. The Journal of the American College of Nutrition reports that the healthy antioxidants in dried cranberries, plums and grapes are twice as strong than they are in fresh plums, grapes and cranberries. This catapults some dried fruits into the superfood category! Dried fruits are also low in sodium and cholesterol.

Enjoy the taste of natural sugars in our dried figs, dried bananas, dried strawberries and other delicious low-sodium dried fruit selections. Or why not try our popular dried papaya pieces? Papayas are rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and other good-for-you nutrients. Order a 1-pound bag, 5-pound bag or 30-pound case of dried papaya. With our huge selection of products, you can order your go-to favorites. You can also try something new and unique, such as dried star fruit, dried passion fruits or dried gooseberries.

Bulk Dried Fruit

Order dried fruit at our money-saving wholesale prices in quantities that range from eight ounces to 44-pound cases. Because we want you to have plenty to keep on hand and share with health-conscious friends, we offer these convenient bulk-buy quantities.

Dozens of Dried Fruit Favorites

Find dozens of dried fruit favorites that are perfect to eat alone. Or to change things up, you can add these dry fruits into homemade trail mixes. We also offer bulk snack mixes and granola in over 60 varieties, which include both sweet and savory mixes. Dried fruits also make great additions to unique gift baskets for special occasions and holidays.

Our dried apple rings are available in 8-ounce bags, 1-pound bags, 5-pound bags and 22-pound cases. One 8-ounce bag contains about 30 pieces of gluten-free, high-fiber apple goodness. We also have dried apricots, dried dates and dried figs that are available by the pound or the case. Try our dried strawberries, dried pears and dried mangos - they're delicious, nutritious and will satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. We even have four varieties of dried blueberries!

Dried Fruits with Chocolate

What could make our dried fruit even better? Chocolate! Explore our chocolate-covered dried fruits in bulk including dried apricots dipped in dark chocolate, dark-chocolate-covered orange peels, cranberries coated with chocolate and chocolate-coated pineapple pieces. For a sweet and citrusy snack, why not try our lemon peel strips that are dipped in dark chocolate? Yum!

With or without chocolate flourishes, dried fruit is a versatile choice as a healthy holiday treat or take-along snack when traveling. Keep plenty on hand for family picnics and game night fun with friends. Add a festive ribbon to an 8-ounce bag or 1-pound package of dried cherries, dried peaches or other dried fruit for a welcome any-occasion gift. All our dried fruits are delivered fresh with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.