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Oh! NutsBulk Dried Fruits ◊ Etrog (Citron)

Etrog (Citron)

Save when you buy our dried citron, or etrog, by the pound or case with our wholesale prices from Oh! Nuts for all dried fruit. Unlike other citrus fruits, citron is known more for its rind than its less juicy contents. Our diced Italian-glazed citron peel is full of all the wonderful vitamins and minerals found in citron in any form.Read More...

2 Etrog (Citron)
Cooked Esrog (Citron)
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Parve - Dairy Free
Italian Glazed Citron Diced Peels
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Eckstein. Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Glazed with sugar, this diced citron peel is available in a one-lb. bag or a 11-lb. case. Eat this diced citron peel as a healthy snack, or add it to salads, smoothies, cakes or other recipes.

Our cooked etrog (or citron) is available by the pound, with about 15 to 18 pieces per pound. Each citron (which resembles a lemon) is cooked in water and sugar to create an especially moist, sticky treat.

Why Citron is Called Etrog

Etrog is the Hebrew word for citron, which is why the names are interchangeable. You'll see the fragrant fruit featured during the Jewish celebration of Sukkot, or the Feast of Booths, each fall. Sometimes, you'll see different spellings, such as esrog; it's still citron.

Nutrients in Citron

Whether you call it citron or etrog, it's a fruit high in vitamin C. It's also rich in vitamin B6, potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, zinc and other antioxidant vitamins and minerals.

Citron is a favorite around the world. In Greece, citron is diced and candied for use in cakes. Italy and Samoa have popular soft drinks made from the fruit. Citron is a popular ingredient in Asian cooking.

About Dried Citron (Etrog):

  • Is dried citron (etrog) healthy for you? Citron, including citron peels, is rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants. It's also rich in calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and other good-for-your-health minerals.
  • Do dried citron slices and diced peel have added sugar? We have added small amounts of sugar to our dried citron (etrog) peel and to our cooked citron slices.
  • How and how long should you store dried citron? You can store dried citron peels, diced, for up to two years when sealed in airtight in containers. You can also freeze the peel.
  • How do you soften/reconstitute/rehydrate dried citron? Rehydrating fruit for certain recipes simply means adding back in the water. The fastest way is to boil water. Then soak the fruit, covered with a paper towel or plastic wrap, in a bowl containing the boiled water for 10 to 15 minutes. Remember: Cooked citron is just that - already cooked in water and sugar.




Scientific Name

Citrus medica


Mediterranean regions, West Indies

Popular Uses

Snacks, holiday treats, salads, smoothies, baked goods