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Dried Bananas

Oh! Nuts carries one of the largest selections of high-quality dried fruit and our bananas are no exception. They're already one of the most popular snacks around, but once you taste our certified kosher dried bananas, you'll love this healthy fruit even more!

5 Dried Bananas
Sweetened Banana Chips
Certified Kosher Pareve under the strict supervision Parve by OK laboratories. Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Ultimate Guide to Dried Fruit

We carry five different kinds of dried bananas - how's that for selection? We have traditional banana chips, both sweetened and unsweetened, freeze-dried banana chips and, for added sweetness, freeze-dried strawberry and banana chips. If you're looking for an easy way to get your banana fix on the go, try our popular natural dried bananas. They're unpreserved, so they retain their soft texture, and they're pre-sliced, so they make the perfect portable snack. You can also use them in place of fresh bananas for dishes like fruit salad and oatmeal.

If you want a snack that packs a lot of crunch, you can't go wrong with our traditional banana chips. Whether you go for natural or sweetened, you'll love these tasty morsels which taste great in homemade trail mix or as a topping to your ice cream sundae. Unlike some banana chips you get at the store, ours retain enough moisture that they're still loaded with flavor while delivering that sought-after crunch. The ultimate health nut will love our freeze-dried bananas. They're organic and we don't add any sugar or preservatives. Perfect for cereal, smoothies and baking, you'll be hooked after your first bite.

For more than 20 years, family-owned Oh! Nuts has provided delicious dried fruit and candy at unbeatable wholesale prices. We sell our dried bananas in bulk by the pound, so the more you buy, the more you save. We also offer free shipping for most orders over $99. Shop our selection of delicious snacks and stock up on your favorites today.