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Dried Bananas

Buy a two-oz. snack bag or a full case of our dried banana treats from Oh! Nuts. We have freeze-dried banana chips and naturally sweet bulk-buy unsweetened dried banana chips. If we call them chips, it's because they can be as addicting as potato chips. Except banana chips are so much healthier for you.Read More...

6 Dried Bananas
Sweetened Banana Chips
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Ultimate Guide to Dried Fruit

Bananas, fresh or dried, are rich in potassium as well as vitamins B6 and C. They have zero sodium and zero fat. Yet they taste so delicious, they have been America's favorite fruit for decades.

Dried Banana Goodness

Our natural dried bananas have no preservatives. These banana slices can be eaten alone or added to salads. Buy them in inexpensively priced one-lb. or five-lb. bags. Our certified kosher dried bananas include toasted dried banana chips and dried banana-dried strawberry mixes. No sugar is added to our two-oz. snack size bags of freeze-dried bananas.

Fun Dried Fruit Facts

Are dried bananas healthy? Absolutely. Removing the water doesn't remove the nutrients that make dried bananas a healthy fruit. Read our Ultimate Guide to Dried Fruit for nutrition facts about dried fruit.

Do dried bananas have added sugar? Dried bananas are naturally sweet, so we don't add sugar to most of our dried banana products. We do add a bit of sugar to our dried banana chips.

How long do dried bananas last? Properly packaged and protected dried bananas can be stored at room temperature for six to 12 months. That's why we pay so much attention at Oh! Nuts to the quality of our dried fruit bags and containers.

Dried Fruit Name


Scientific Name



Bananas are native to Australia, Africa and Asia.

Serving Size

One ounce


Varies by drying method, product

Popular Uses

Good-for-you snacks. Add to fruit salads, food gift baskets and trail mix recipes.