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Goji Berries

Buy delicious sweet goji berries with a slightly tart accent from Oh! Nuts. We offer affordably priced bags and cases of this exotic Far East fruit that doesn't lose its nutrients when dried. Read More...

Considered a medicinal super food for centuries in Asia, we like them as delicious, good-for-you treats here. Their extra high nutritional content has made goji berries - also called wolf berries - a newly popular addition to today's "super food" food supplements and nutrition shakes.

The bright red color makes them a go-to gift for Christmas, Valentine's Day and other holidays with red-color themes. Serve them as is, or add them to desserts and snack mixes.

The slightly sour edge to these sweet berries makes them slightly less sweet and more versatile in recipes and fruit dessert dishes demanding a less sugary taste. Try all our expertly dried and packaged fruits.

Fun Dried Fruit Facts

Are dried goji berries healthy? Definitely. Removing the water doesn't remove the excellent nutrition that is what makes dried goji berries such a healthy choice.

Do goji berries have added sugar? Dried fruits are naturally sweet, and the flavor and texture don't disappear when sweet goji berries with tart undertones are dried.

How long does dried goji last? The U.S. Department of Agriculture says most dried fruits can be safely stored in sealed bags for six months. After opening, re-seal and store in the fridge for another six months.

Dried Fruit Name

Goji Berries

Scientific Name

Lycium barbarum


Goji berries, also known as wolf berries, are natives to Asia.

Serving Size

One ounce



Popular Uses

Healthy snacks, candy alternatives. Because they're so good for you, you'll often find goji berries in ready-made or homemade "superfood" mixes. Their bright red color makes them a favorite Christmas or Valentine's Day treat.