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Dried Apples

Dried apples from Oh! Nuts are bargain buys when you buy them by the pound. We have nutrient-rich dried apple rings, dried apple slices and diced dried apples. For an extra sweet treat, buy our dried cinnamon apple slices. We infuse these favorites with cinnamon and just a touch of sugar.Read More...

8 Dried Apples

Ultimate Guide to Dried Fruit

Dried and Freeze-Dried Apple Treats

Our no-sugar-added dried apple rings are made from fresh, crisp apples dried to remove the water. All dried apples are rich in antioxidants. Dried apple rings are favorite snacks for kids and grownups. Add them to gift baskets. We sell them in eight-oz. bags, one-lb. bags or five-lb. bags. Or you might consider ordering a 22-lb. case. They will keep for months in the cupboard in our sealed bags.

For freeze-dried apples, we recommend our two-oz. bags of organic freeze-dried apple strips. They are similar in shape to French fries, but much healthier and less fattening than fries. So, grab a handful.

Chocolate + Apples

In addition to our cinnamon-infused diced dried apples and dried apple slices, we have crowd-favorite dried apple rings dipped in dark chocolate. These extra sweet chocolate-dipped apples are made with dairy-free dark chocolate. They are certified kosher, gluten-free treats for any special occasion.

Fun Dried Apple Facts

Are dried apples healthy? There are lots of facts to back up that old saying about how an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Dried apples are rich in antioxidants, fiber and other good-for-you ingredients. Our dried apples are so delicious, you'll want to eat handfuls a day.

Do dried apples have added sugar? Dried apples are naturally sweet. However, we do add a dash of sugar to our cinnamon-infused dried apple treats and chocolate-dipped dried apple rings.

How long do dried apples last? Properly protected dried apples in our bags can last from six to 12 months in the cupboard or freezer. After opening a bag, you can re-seal and store dried apple treats in the fridge, too.

Dried Fruit Name


Scientific Name

Malus domestica


According to National Geographic, DNA tests indicate that apples originated in the mountains of Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

Serving Size

Varies by style


Varies by style

Popular Uses

Healthy snacks and candy substitutes. Our cinnamon-infused dried apple treats taste like miniature apple pie filling. Fiber-rich diced dried apples are added to salads. Add pretty dried apple rings to lunch boxes or foodie fan gift baskets.