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Freeze Fruits and Veggies

Freeze-Dried Fruits and Veggies for Any Occasion

When you're looking for something that's super snackable, incredibly delicious and without any added ingredients, Freeze-Dried Fruits and Veggies are your go-to. With a wide selection of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that you won't find in the supermarket, these healthy, totally scrumptious treats are wonderful for a healthy snack, adding to your cooking, using as a topper for your cereal or blending into shakes and smoothies. Add some freeze-dried fruits to an ice cream desert for a topper that's out of this world or blend dried veggies into your next smoothie for an oh-so healthy addition that adds a boost of nutrients and flavor. Read More...

17 Freeze Fruits and Veggies

So Many Options to Choose From

Our Freeze-Dried Fruits and Veggies have no added sugar or preservatives - what you see is what you get. Find classics like freeze-dried strawberries or bananas or sweet surprises like dried persimmon and mango. Switch things up with a mix bag, like with our Freeze-Dried Fruit Salad featuring a variety of delectable fruits, or our Freeze- Dried Strawberry & Banana (the perfect blend for an excellent smoothie or milkshake). Have you ever tried a freeze-dried tomato? At Oh! Nuts, we provide delicious and unique treats like freeze-dried tomatoes, freeze-dried sweet corn and other marvels at great prices so you can get your snack on.

Perfect for Mixing and Matching

Take advantage of our other awesome and tasty treats, from our varieties of candy delicacies to our supreme selection of nuts, seeds, beans and so much more. Blend in some freeze-dried fruits or veggies with your nuts for a delicious snack mix or create goodie bags filled with freeze-dried fruits and candy. With so many amazing varieties of snacks to try, we wouldn't blame you if you grabbed a little bit of everything. You can do the mixing yourself or you can trust us with one of our premade gift baskets that are designed to impress for any situation with beautiful layouts and interesting combinations of treats. Shop our freeze-dried fruits now and get started living your best Oh! Nuts life.