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Dried Kiwi

We add just a touch of sugar to accent the natural sweetness of our dried kiwi fruit treats from Oh! Nuts. Buy one lb., five lbs. or 44-lb. cases of this beautiful green tropical fruit. Our dark-chocolate-dipped kiwi slices are available in eight-oz. packages for five-lb. cases. Dried diced kiwi that you can eat like candy or add to recipes is available in one-lb. or 11-lb. packages.Read More...

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Ultimate Guide to Dried Fruit

Bright Green Fun

Vibrant green dried kiwi is the perfect color for Christmas, spring and other holiday celebrations. Mix with our dried cherries for a red and green holiday treat. Dried kiwi fruit is loaded with vitamins and other nutrients, so serve it as a healthy alternative to traditional candy at children's parties. It's also an exotic, healthy gift for friends and family. Our dried fruits have no added preservatives, and we choose fruit grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

Fun Dried Fruit Facts

Is dried kiwi fruit healthy? Absolutely. Removing the water doesn't remove the excellent nutrition that is what makes dried kiwi such a healthy snack.

Does dried kiwi fruit have added sugar? Dried fruits are naturally sweet, and the flavor and texture don't disappear when fruit is dried. We add a touch of sugar to our dried kiwi slices and chocolate-covered kiwi fruits.

How long does dried kiwi last? How should you store dried kiwi to help it last? The U.S. Department of Agriculture says most dried fruits can be safely stored in sealed bags in your pantry for six months. After opening, seal and store in the fridge for another six months.

Dried Fruit Name

Kiwi (aka Kiwifruit and Chinese Gooseberry)

Scientific Name

Actinidia deliciosa, among other names


People think of New Zealand when they think kiwi, but the fruit was first native to central and eastern China, with kiwifruit news dating back to the Song dynasty in the 12th century.

Serving Size

Varies by slice, diced pieces or dipped



Popular Uses

Delicious served as is, dipped in non-dairy dark chocolate, in slices or diced. Add diced kiwi to favorite dessert recipes. Mix with nuts for a healthy, delicious snack mix. The bright green color makes it a favorite festive holiday treat.