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Bulk Candy

Oh! Nuts: Your Bulk Candy Destination

Spend less money on kosher candy with our wholesale prices on bulk-buy candy purchases that are available by the pound from Oh! Nuts. We've got the delicious part covered, so it's up to you to choose your favorite candy from our premium-quality kosher candy collections. There are oodles and oodles of candy wholesale options in our online candy store, so have fun exploring our yummy candies of all kinds!Read More...

There are so many varieties of bulk candy to choose from. Our certified kosher candies include non-dairy chocolate candy by the pound, colorful jellybeans, gumballs and wrapped candy selections. Choose 1-pound bags or 21-pound cases of our delightfully tasty candy treats that are perfect for stocking everything from your home to your candy store with sweet, sweet goodies.

Gummies, Jellies and More

Our gummy candy and jelly candies are year-round favorites. We carry sweet-flavored gummy bears by the pound and extra-spicy red-hot gummies. Our jelly candy collection includes certified kosher non-dairy lemon jelly fruit slices in 24-count bags and watermelon-flavored watermelon jelly candies with red centers and green candy rinds.

If you like Mike & Ike-brand candy, we have Mike & Ike Jelly Joes jellied candy sticks in your favorite flavors in both 24-box packs and 384-count cases of snack-size boxes. How about the ever-famous Jelly Belly Raspberries and Blackberries Gum Drops? Yum! We even have the movie theater favorite Dots in tropical, sour and their original flavor mix.

Party Candy Bargains

Try our kosher candy-coated non-dairy chocolate candies and milk chocolate M&M-brand candies. Our pastel mint chocolate lentils are button-sized dark chocolate mint candies with candy coatings from Denmark. They're perfectly packaged for parties and can be placed in bowls at tables for your guests to enjoy. Each pound contains about 420 of these dark chocolate lentils divided among six small, square-shaped party favor boxes. Buy a 1-pound bag or a 40-pound case of these popular candies with party favor boxes included.

Candy buffets are always a hit, and our bulk candy can make filling those decorative containers and jars full of candy goodness quick and easy! For a DIY candy buffet, you can order your own jars, or you can visit our candy buffet supply page for everything you need to create a fun, memorable party.

See our Free Candy Choices for Parties Guide, which will help you choose the right certified kosher candies in the right amounts to fit your budget for candy tables, birthday parties and holiday celebrations.

Kids' Kosher Candy Favorites

Our kosher candy kid favorites are top picks among young-at-heart grownups, too. Buy colorful rock candy sugar swizzle sticks in 72-count boxes. Shop our 160-plus varieties of jellybeans in single colors or mixed color/flavor combinations. We have fruit roll-ups and individually wrapped candies in your choice of flavors and sizes, too!

Visit our online Kids Candy Shoppe for bulk-buy bargains in candy yo-yos, old-fashioned candy buttons and candy-filled sticks. We have dinosaur-shaped candy and 24-count boxes of candy Ring Pops. Check out our ice cream cone candy pops and other kid favorites. All our wholesale candy arrives fresh and comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!