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Oh! NutsBulk Candy ◊ Fruit Leather & Fruit Rolls

Fruit Leather & Fruit Rolls

Fruit leather and fruit rolls take the flavors of your favorite fruits and roll them into one portable package. With the sweetness and texture of chewable candy and the nutrients and taste of fruit, fruit leather and fruit rolls are the perfect snack for those with a sweet tooth looking to stay healthy. Plus, they're packaged and highly portable, great for putting in your kids' lunches or taking to work as a treat. Here at Oh! Nuts, we carry a large selection of fruit leather and fruit rolls available in a wide number of flavors to satisfy the tastes of everyone in your family. Learn more below and order with us today!

Joray Fruit Rollz: Fruit Leather in Every Flavor

If you're looking for leather of the fruit variety, look no further than our wide selection of Joray Fruit Rollz. We currently have in stock 9 varieties of Joray fruit leather, including raspberry, fruit punch and watermelon flavors. Made right here in the U.S.A, all of our stocked Joray fruit rolls are certified kosher under the strict supervision of Kof-K. Order your rolls individually or buy them in bulk for back-up snacking.

Raspberry Fruit Stripz

When nutrition is top priority, choosing sweet snacks wisely can be a difficult endeavor. Thankfully, there are Raspberry Fruit Stripz, which are not only great tasting, but sugar free, gluten free and dairy free as well. Bursting with real fruit flavor, these fruit strips certified kosher and a great source of dietary.

Fruity Freshness

At Oh! Nuts, freshness and market-leading affordability are our standards. We only partner with distributors that deal directly with producers, eliminating any unnecessary middlemen and getting our customers the freshest items at the best prices possible. When shopping for fruit rolls and other tasty treats, remember: go nuts!