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Our commitment to our customers during this time of uncertainty:

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As a result, we’ve decided to temporarily close all of our local stores. During this period of time, we can and will fulfill your weekly shopping needs and Passover orders directly from our warehouse, via phone or e-mail as indicated below.

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Oh! NutsBulk Chocolate ◊ Premium Halva

Premium Halva

If you're living far away from a major metropolitan area and have wondered where to buy halva, wonder no more, thanks to Oh! Nuts. We have not just one, but several unique options of halva and halva candy, including chocolate, vanilla, and others. On top of that, they're Kosher Parve, and at such a deal!

9 Premium Halva
Classic Marble Halva - 6.6 LB Tub
$59.36 $8.99 per lb.
Free Shipping
Certified Kosher Pareve under the strict supervision Parve by OK laboratories. Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Halva is popular around the world, from the Middle East to Eastern Europe, and all the way to India, and each area has its own particular way of making it according to available ingredients. The kind that's popular in Israel is similarly unique, containing tahini, sesame, sugar, various root extracts, and more. Here at Oh! Nuts, we bring you halvas containing various ingredients, with some even sugar-free. You'll probably want to have some of each to ensure you maintain a long-lasting stash.

Instead of incessantly schlepping around, fruitlessly searching, now you can easily order halva from the comfort of home. Some are individually wrapped for added convenience and freshness, so you can take it to work and look forward to your lunchbreak even more than usual! Halva candy also makes a very thoughtful gift, so think creatively and pick up extra for those you know who have also lamented the absence of decent halva.

Halva is just one of some 2,000 products available at Oh! Nuts. We pride ourselves on our diverse product line that extends from chocolates, nuts, nut flours, dried fruits, candies, baking supplies, and a whole lot more, including sugar-free and organic options.

We are the Internet's premier location for these items, and we bring them to you with great passion. This means you always have our guarantee of complete satisfaction, and you will never have to bust your budget to shop with us. We even provide free shipping when your order tops $99, as long as you're in the contiguous U.S. We fix it so you're without any downside when shopping with Oh! Nuts. Order your halva today, and you'll soon see what we mean!