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Oh! NutsBulk Chocolate ◊ Chocolate Coins

Chocolate Coins

If only you could buy “real” money in bulk and at wholesale prices like you can our chocolate coins! Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees, but at least you can buy some delicious bulk chocolate coins at wholesale from Oh! Nuts. Choose from a variety of milk, white and dark chocolate coins embossed with various monetary symbols such as the half a dollar, one cent and more. In addition, we have an assortment of coins stamped with whimsical symbols and sayings. Pass around our “It’s A Boy,” or “It’s A Girl” blue and pink coins embossed with the iconic stork at your baby shower. Is it your turn to host a game night with the guys? Keep the competition friendly with fun casino chips. They’re realistically detailed to look like the real thing, yet you can bet you won’t feel so bad if you lose. For a delicious treat for your child’s Halloween costume party at school, share pumpkin-face orange, black and purple coins. Like to keep things simple? We even have blank coins. Every kid will tell you that Hanukkah wouldn’t be complete without receiving chocolate coins. To make sure every child can enjoy this age-old tradition we even carry nut-free varieties. Read More...

26 Chocolate Coins
Milk Chocolate Copper Pennies
$17.49 per lb.
Certified Kosher Dairy under the strict supervision of OK laboratories.
Chocolate Pennies Mesh Bag
$13.99 per lb.
Out of Stock
Certified Kosher Dairy under the strict supervision of OK laboratories.

For your convenience, our coins are sold by the pound or in packaged mesh pouches by the box.

While the Jewish culture is steeped in thousands of years of history, the tradition of giving chocolate coins (gelt) at Hanukkah is a more recent phenomenon. Historians explain that in the 18th century, it was customary to give teachers a monetary token of appreciation around Hanukkah. By the 19th century this practice shifted from teachers to children.

Whether it’s for Hanukkah, Halloween, or any festive occasion, keep the tradition of sharing chocolate coins with friend and family going strong.