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Oh! NutsBulk Candy ◊ Sugar Free Candy

Sugar Free Candy

Sugar Free Candy: All the Sweetness with No Guilt

When sugar-free candy first hit the market, many weren't impressed with the idea. After all, doesn't candy have to have sugar to taste good? Curious candy lovers gave the sugarless versions a try, but many were disappointed at the taste and texture. Thankfully, not only does time heal all wounds, it improves the taste of sugar-free candy, too. At Oh! Nuts, we have extremely high standards when it comes to our wholesale and bulk sugarless candy. We focus on bringing you the finest brands that have perfected the taste and texture of sugar-free bulk candy so that you feel like you're eating the "real" stuff. Brands such as Jelly Belly, Elite, Halter, Mentos and more fill our yummy inventory of sugar free bulk candy.Read More...

Sugar Free Wrapped Candy
Sugar Free Wrapped Candy
Sugar Free Unwrapped Candy
Sugar Free Unwrapped Candy
Sugar Free Gum
Sugar Free Gum

In addition to being able to satisfy your sweet tooth with great-tasting sugar free candy, you now have a lot more varieties to choose from. Many more brands have expanded their inventory to include mouth-watering sugar-free candy and we're delighted to bring them to you. Our selection includes tasty treats to please everyone's taste buds. Browse our inventory of wrapped and unwrapped candies including hard candy, jelly beans, lollipops, saltwater taffy and more available in an assortment of fruity and mint flavors. In addition to the classic flavors - cherry, grape and lemon - we offer unique and hard to find flavors such as coffee, pomegranate, peach and more.

A Healthy Alternative to High-Sugar Candies

Sugarless candy is a top-notch choice for those looking to satiate their sweet tooth with less impact on the waist line. They're also a popular option for those who have diabetes or are looking to cut down on their sugar intake. And, as an added bonus, these sugar free candy treats will surely make your dentist happy! Thankfully, our sugar-free candy store includes many of your all-time favorites - from sugar-free chocolate to sugar-free candies with caramel or fruit flavors - so that you won't even feel like you're missing a thing. Best-sellers like Sugar-Free Jelly Belly and Sweet 'n Low Candy are sure to please even those with picky palates. You can use these specialty candies to fill up your healthier goodie bags, pinatas, candy buffets and much more.

What makes Oh! Nut's bulk sugar free candy so different from all the other candy companies is the direct relationship we have with candy wholesalers that deal with the brands. As a result of cutting out all the sub-wholesalers and distributors, we're able to get our hands on the freshest sugar-free mints, candy and gum that we can sell to you, our most valued customers.

Still convinced that sugar free candy isn't as flavorful as their sugar counterparts? Give us a try and you'll be happily surprised.