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Bulk Candy for Events

Whether you are a little kid or big kid, there is something about candy that makes you smile. Everyone has a favorite candy and when they find it at a party, it makes the event all the sweeter. Candy has long been a part of celebratory events - whether it is Jordan almonds at weddings or a mix of sugary sweets filling birthday goody bags. Today, colorful displays of candy are becoming the norm when celebrating everything from baby and bridal showers to anniversary parties, sweet 16 parties, gender reveal parties and lots more.

If you are shopping for treats to fill your candy station, Oh! Nuts is your destination for a wide ranging selection of bulk candy to please every sweet tooth. Our certified kosher bulk candy is available as wrapped or unwrapped treats. As you browse our assortment of fresh candy you will find chewy goodies (jelly beans, taffy and fruit slices), hard candy (lollipops and candy sticks), chocolate candy delights (Hershey's kisses, chocolate nonpareils and nutty chews) and every fruit-flavored candy you can imagine. We even have unusual treats such as chocolate covered sunflower seeds, chocolate covered marzipan balls, jelly beans wrapped in chocolate and much more.  

When setting up a candy buffet, you can opt for a monochromatic palette - think varying shades of pink for a bridal shower or to celebrate a baby girl's first birthday; or blue to honor a baby boy or to celebrate a young man at his bar mitzvah. At wedding receptions, choose hues that reflect your color scheme or for a full party effect mix different colors together.

If you're setting up a candy buffet, all the accompanying supplies are also available here, from bowls and jars to scoops and party favor bags. The benefit of our bulk candy is that you can buy as little or as much as you need at affordable prices. Our quality is top notch ensuring you receive and serve the freshest candy.

Candy Health Info

It used to be that for those who had diabetes, were health conscious or just wanted to maintain a sugar-free, low carb and low fat diet had to resign themselves to giving up their favorite candy treats. Their only other alternative was sugar-free candy. Unfortunately, first-generation sugarless candy proved to be lacking in the flavor department. Fast-forward to today, and consumers are pleasantly surprised with the latest savory assortment of sugar-free candy.  We have put our taste buds to work to bring you the finest brands that have perfected the flavors and texture of sugar-free bulk candy. Brands such as Elite, Jelly Belly, Halter and more fill our assortment, giving you page after page of yummy choices. Shop our inventory of wrapped and unwrapped treats for such favorites as taffy, lollipops, jelly beans, gummy bears and more, available in every imaginable flavor.

When enjoyed in moderation, sugar-free candy is a great way to get your sugar fix - minus the guilt. When compared to regular candy, the sugarless varieties have considerably fewer calories and carbs. For example, a 40-gram serving of Jelly Belly sugar-free jelly beans contains approximately 80 calories, compared to 140 calories per 40-gram serving for regular Jelly Belly jelly beans.  Consider another example: 5-pieces of sugar-free caramels have about 150 calories compared to 218 calories for regular caramels. Rather than using sugar, these candies use substitutes such as SPLENDA (sucralose) to sweeten their confections. It is made through a patented process that starts with sugar and converts it to a no-calorie, non-carbohydrate sweetener. The result is candy that tastes like sugar, minus the calories.

From enjoying as a treat to satisfy your sugar craving and making gift baskets for fundraisers and holiday gifts, to creating a "healthier" candy buffet, shop our quality assortment of sugar-free candy available in bulk by the pound.

Top Candy Products

Everyone has a favorite type of candy, and if yours is in our top products category, you are in good company. Whether customers are gearing up for Halloween, wanting to fill piƱatas, making holiday baskets or loading up to fill a candy buffet, our selection of best sellers is what they are choosing to treat their sweet tooth. There is no denying the convenience that comes with being able to buy our candy by the pound. That is what makes it so popular! Whether you need one pound of cantaloupe Jelly Belly's, five pounds of teal Jordan almonds, or 2 pounds of assorted gumballs you can mix and match to your heart's (and taste buds') content. In addition to the flexibility that comes with buying our candy in bulk, you are guaranteed the freshest quality.

Whether it is our jelly beans, gummy bears, fruit slices, sour candy, individually wrapped candies and lots of other favorites, customers are taking advantage of our affordable pricing to use our top-selling candy in various ways. Candy tables and buffets have become a staple at all types of celebratory events. As a result, our top candy products are more popular than ever. Our customers are using their creativity to assemble a colorful display of candy in various jars and containers. Thanks to our kaleidoscope of available hues, you are able to set up a monochromatic display or go for a festive multi-color assortment. Hosting a baby shower? Shop our popular candy in classic pink and blue. For a gender reveal party, mix the two to keep guests guessing. Are you in charge of the dessert table at your BFF's bridal shower? Take a cue from her wedding colors to create a memorable display of goodies. Our top sellers are also a hit at kid-themed events, including birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduation celebrations and more.