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Gift Baskets and Candy Store Guide in NYC and Surrounding Areas

Many people dread buying gift baskets for shiva, birthday, wedding, Shabbos, get well, holidays, purim, pesach and Rosh Hashanah for a few fundamental reasons. At Oh! Nuts, we've seen these symptoms of troubled relationships with gift baskets for a long time. First, kosher gift baskets and bulk candy can be expensive. It's hard to call something a gift when it feels like a burden on your budget to buy it in the first place. Second, gift baskets tend to be cookie-cutter replicas of one another. Gifts should be personable and unique, with snacks hand-selected to fit the tastes of the recipient, not carbon copies. And third, gift baskets too often are delivered impersonally without any sense of joy. 

At Oh! Nuts, we decided to draw a line in the sand when it comes to gift baskets, candy and nuts in the metro New York City area. We have items in pink, blue, white and purple. Customers from all over the region, including places such as New Jersey, Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Newark, visit our stores precisely because we choose to be different. We want your gift basket to be a representation of your originality as the gift giver and a reflection of the special relationship you share with the person who will receive it. In partnership with our team of kosher snack and gift experts, you can create a basket that will wow your loved ones wherever you go.

We accomplish an original spin on gift baskets in several ways. For example, our selection of nuts, candy, dried fruit, baked goods, granola, snack mixes, gourmet coffee, tea and gifts is unparalleled. We don't stock a bunch of shelves with the same cookie-cutter products. Instead, we offer a rich blend of flavors, colors, smells and textures to ensure the snacks you purchase and give to others hit the right notes in every way. Whether you are planning for a black-tie event, a wedding or a birthday, the selections you make are one-of-a-kind thanks to our innovative in-store experience. 

You'll also discover that we have kosher products for a variety of important holidays including Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah (Chanukah), Purim and Passover. Sympathy and Shiva baskets also are among our offerings. Regardless of the season or the time of life in which you find yourself, our products can serve your needs and honor those about whom you care.

Our flexible hours ensure you can pick up gifts, nuts and more whenever it fits your schedule. We are open Sunday through Friday and throughout the week at our online store. Whether you are visiting one of our physical stores or our internet site, be sure to ask about specialty products we keep in stock such as Jewish educational sweets, sugar-free products and Hamantashen.

For years, families have valued Oh! Nuts for its commitment to high-quality and affordability. We hope you are able to cherish special moments with friends and family while enjoying our candy, nuts and other treats. Throughout metro New York City and the internet, we are making a difference and bringing joy to the lives of customers from all walks of life, and we hope that you'll be one of them. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit.