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Dried Pears

One of our favorite tricks is to place pears in a paper sack for ripening. The porous paper lets the fruit breathe, but it also keeps the chemical ethylene close to the fruit, speeding up the ripening process. The result is a juicy, delicious pear that practically melts in the mouth.

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Ultimate Guide to Dried Fruit

As good as that flavor is, we love dried, dehydrated pears, as well. Proper dehydration removes only the water content, leaving behind that rich, fruity flavor. The result is a delicious treat as sweet as candy, but as natural as fruit. It makes a perfect treat for yourself or sweets-seeking kids.

Oh! Nuts offers a full line of dried pears, from full California Jumbo dried pears to chocolate-dipped treats. Chop them up and mix with granola, nuts and healthy cereal for an addictive trail mix! Mix small chopped bits in dough to make incredible breads! Or just snack away right out of the package - when you taste these pears, you may not be able to stop snacking.