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Bartons Caramel Almond Kisses

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SKU: BAR2590

Smooth & Creamy Chocolate Caramel Kissed With Whole Almonds

  • Item Contains: Approx. 24 pcs.
  • Product of the USA
  • Net Weight: 10 oz
Dairy Chalav Stam
Certified Kosher for Passover under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union.
Bartons Almond Kiss Tin (10 oz.), the classic candy kiss in an attractive collectible tin container. The best kiss you'll ever have!
Item Contains: Approx. 24 pcs.
Product of the USA
Net Weight: 10 oz
Certified Kosher for Passover under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union. Certified Kosher for Passover under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union.
  Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
based on 11 reviews
Everyone remembers them
But who's counting
Best Uses
Family and friend gifts
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Bartons Caramel Almond Kisses - YUMMY!!!
by BronxJudy from on 6/4/2014
I have always loved Bartons Caramel Almond Kisses. Recently, it has been hard to find in local stores, even during holidays. I found it online at Oh! Nuts and ordered two tins immediately. I received them a day or two later. They came in a special cold container. They were as fresh and enjoyable as I remembered. I only wish they would be more available year round in neighborhood stores, so I would not have to place an order for them. Maybe there is a good side to all of this - I would probably eat way too many and have a problem keeping my weight down. No kidding aside - they are really wonderful!
My daughters favorite Passover treat
by LIndaL from Atlanta on 4/23/2014
These are hard to find! They were as fresh and delicious as I remember them. Didn't last long, so you might want to order 2 cans.
Used to be my favorite
by bklmom from Santa Clara, CA, USA on 6/19/2013
I have loved these for years & they have always been my Pesach treat. Unfortunately, they contain hydrogenated oil, which is one of the worst ingredients around. We are no longer buying any products with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.
Memories of the simple days
by Janet from Kennett Square,Pa on 4/12/2013
These candies remind me of growing up in the 1960's and having these be a special treat in our house.. Moist, chewy, delicious goodness and are still the amazing candy that they always were. Chocolate caramel with an almond inside that is just nothing short of fabulous!!
Almond kisses have always been great!
by Lucy from Memphis,TN on 4/5/2013
Gave them for Passover gifts and enjoyed them at home.unigue taste
I would buy this product again and again
by pac from Long Island on 4/2/2013
The taste exactly as they did when I was growing up. The only things is these were flat and the other ones were made like dates, rounder.
Candies say Passover
by A S Parker from on 4/2/2013
These candies say Passover to me. I remember them from my childhood and I have always loved them. The outside is caramel and the inside has an almond. Chewy and crunchy. Delicious!
by the gastronomic granny from chicago, il on 4/12/2012
delicious though expensive
Nostalgically Yummy
by Maddalen from St. Louis, MO on 4/18/2010
These are terrific - taste hasn't changed since I was a kid. They delight everyone who tries them.
A Classic!
by KG from IL on 4/12/2010
it's not Passover withou it.
Blast from the Past -BetterThan Ever
by Bestfood from NYC on 3/20/2010
I can't believe it. This was so much part of my childhood and now my kids are loving it. Their grandma was talking to them about how she used to save the tin and all her kids would fight over it! All I remember is my Mom telling me to stop eating them and save my appetite for dinner! Glad it's back.