Aleph Bet Gummies

If you’re planning the perfect three-year old’s birthday party a.k.a Upsherin a.k.a. Chalakah, here is the perfect party favor! I discovered this delicious sweet just by accident while I was looking for gummy worms online. I ordered them and I tell you, not only are they sweet, moist and tangy but they are so darn adorable!! The Aleph Bet Gummies are small, round gummies with raised letters of the Hebrew alphabet. They come in an assorment of colors and flavors. I must tell you though, that you can’t be guaranteed which letters you will actually get in the assortment cuz they are all mixed up.
It’s a great snack with which to play games, give them out and have fun with!
My son also loves crocodiles and dinosaurs, as any boy probably does! So guess what I found as well? The cutest gummies in the shapes of crocodiles and dinosaurs. They are about 12″ long and come in different colors. I found that the green and yellow crocodile one is so realistic looking that I left it out in my son’s bedroom and he started yelling in excitement that he found a baby crocodile!! They are delicious and chewy gummy texture.


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