Are Oh Nuts Pistachios part of the Pistachio Recall?

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The answer is NO. Oh! Nuts Pistachios are safe.
Oh! Nuts Roaste Salted and Roasted Unsalted Inshell Pistachios are supplied by a small family owned farm called Yurosek Farms. None of Oh! Nuts pistachios are part of the recall.
Yurosek Farms released the following Press Release.
Yurosek Farms LLC – announces its pistachios are not part of the recall:

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  1. Chanie Weiss says:

    Do I assume correctly that Oh Nuts products are free of kitniot?
    I understand that Oh Nuts pistachios are not part of the recall. (What a relief – I just bought them for Pesach!!) Does Oh Nuts verify with your suppliers that they test their products for safety? Does the law require you to do so? I’m just asking as a safety conscious customer because I love your stores! (BP & Flatbush) Thank you, Chanie

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