Creative Mishloach Manos Idea : Candy Boats in the Sea

When creating multiple Purim gift baskets, many people think big and get overwhelmed with what needs to be bought, wrapped and packed.  But Shalach Manos can be simpler.
Here is a brilliant idea for Shalach Manos that takes very little assembling, but looks like a Japanese painting.  Using the theme of fish which is the astrological sign of the month of Adar, the creator of this gorgeous Shalach Manos got pretty white plates, small plastic boats, and then only three different types of candy.  Blue rock candy created the sea, hard bright fish candy swim in the “rock sugar waves”, and the boat comes laden with chocolate lentils.  Very uncomplicated in assembling, but the end result is magazine-perfect in presentation.
Sugar rock candies are versatile, a fun way to give you workable canvases.  If you want to move away from the sea theme, look to your green rock candies to provide grass for your “picture” Shalach Manos.  Instead of fish candies, you’ll opt for flowers.  And cancel out the boat and get a small wee house to put into your Purim picture Shalach Manos.  You could even opt to lay a flagged walkway out of small chocolate squares.   That is a fun way to send a homey theme message.  You can go to the dark purple rock crystals for a night-time theme candy painting.  Put in some foiled-chocolate stars.  Put in a yellow marzipan moon.  A novelty chocolate airplane can be put into this Purim picture, with a message that gets flown beyond the stars.
What if you want to step it up, move beyond rock crystals?  It still can be quite simple to create a breath-taking presentation.
 Decide on your motif.  Do you want to do Kosel Ha’Maaravi?  You are going to need chocolate nougats for the bricks.
Candies, chocolates and white space can be a creative experience in “painting” scenic Purim baskets.  If, however, you find that your expertise is more of the floral design variety, not in canvas painting, you can switch tactics.  Using the same tool that florists do, you can “build” great Shalach Manot baskets.  Foam Topiary gives you the base where you can stick, tape and arrange a “floral” masterpiece of Purim goodies.
Thank you Raphael Rutman for sending us this great Purim idea!

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