Hanukkah Party Ideas

Hanukkah Party
It’s traditional to invite family members and friends over to celebrate in Hanukkah, the miracle of lights. Whether you are a throwing a Hanukkah party for the first time, or are already a seasoned professional, there are always traditional Hanukkah foods and activities you want to make sure you have.
People typically prefer to buy decorations for a Hanukkah Party. Many times you can just search for printable signs and pictures. If you opt for a fancier approach, you can go to a Judaica store in your neighborhood or any holiday gift shop, and purchase a few Hanukkah themed decorations. Whether it be dreidel-printed tablecloths, to a dangling menorah as ceiling décor, there are lots of options to choose from.

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It is also important not to forget the Hanukkah music. The music that is played is essential to get the mood going at your Hanukkah party. You may be able to pick up a Hanukkah party mix at your local Judaica store, but buying it online is a great option too. Make sure the mix has the English Hanukkah Song favorite (Oh dreidel, dreidel) and the Hebrew ones as well (Al HaNisim and Ma Oz Tzur). Just be careful, your guests make break out dancing to these head bopping tunes, so make sure you are wearing your dancing shoes!
After your house is all set up with twinkling Hanukkah menorah lights with the Hanukkah music playing in the background, you are all set up to cook your famous Hanukkah latkes, and your other (just as famous) Hanukkah foods. If you are short on time, Hanukkah Party food sets are available for purchase . Make sure your list includes applesauce (to accompany those latkes), sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts), and Hanukkah gelt (chocolate money). It is also helpful to make extra helpings of these, because they will for sure be a hit!
Another very important aspect of a Hanukkah party is the activity that you provide for your guests. You may prefer to just have them for the kids, but adults love games too. Printable Hanukkah-themed bingo cards are available online . You can play for real money, or the edible chocolate version (Hanukkah gelt). Make sure to not forget to play the traditional game of Hanukkah dreidel. Dreidel is essential for any authentic Hanukkah party. It may be helpful to spread little dreidels on tables where your guests will be sitting. It is hard to resist the urge to spin one of those guys.
If you are having a close group of people as your guests, it may be fun to play Mystery Maccabi. This game entails you to have each of your guests pick a name from a hat. Each name they receive is the person they are entitled to shop for. This way each person gets a Hanukkah gift, there is an element of surprise, and it serves as a fun Hanukkah activity. Some people prefer to set limits of how much you should spend on a gift. You can decide what works best with your group.
After the candles from your Hanukkah menorah have extinguished and it is time to go home, make sure your guests aren’t leaving empty handed. Hanukkah gelt is a popular and inexpensive way to send your guests home happy. You can also give out a mini assortment of Hanukkah treats or some Hanukkah lollipops You can also purchase (or bake) Hanukkah-themed cookies , if you would like.
This is a sure way to make your Hanukkah party a hit. When your Hanukkah candles are burning softly in the background, and your house smells of sweet latkes and sufganiyot, there is no better time to get together with friends and family to celebrate.
But remember, if your party takes place before sundown make sure not to forget to light the Hanukkah candles together as the sun sets.


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