Holiday Coupon Code Discount

Looking for the essential Holiday coupon discount?
You’ve come to the right place! With the holidays of Chanukah and Christmas coming up, we know that you would love to send that special kind of gift – be it a gift platter of chocolate and candy or just a pound of cashews. Whether to your colleague, family and friend’s, you want to send ‘something’.
If you’re like me, the ultimate money saver who sometimes get carried away in my never-ending quest for coupons and discounts, and if you have a whole list of clients, family and staff you’d like to please, you are looking for the best place to place your order. Look no further than the gifts we offer at Oh! Nuts!
You select your gift needs from a great variety of prices and styles and during check out – you guessed – use this coupon code – HCA07 – for an incredible 8% discount (8 days of Chanukah, get it?) off your order.
You know these places that brag about their discounts and only when you checkout you find a list of restrictions that apply (in tiny, illegible print no less)? At Oh! Nuts we give you the freedom to choose what YOU want, without restrictions on what you can or cannot order.
Our goal is to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
P.S. we know that some of our dear customers were anxiously waiting for coupons to use in their orders. We apologize for the delay as we were very busy putting together our holiday section.
P.P.S. For larger, commercial orders – you can call Rutty at 718-951-6039 or Ari at 718-853-5158 for additional savings.


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