Jelly Belly Opens First Concept Store in Israel

Sides Import Company gets rights to market leading American jelly bean brand in Israel, opens first concept store in Cinema City in central Israel
The Sides Import and Marketing Company of food brands such as Mars, Lindt, Bahlsen, Milka, Toblerone and more, has received rights to market Jelly Belly, the original American jelly bean, in Israel.
Sides opened its first store marketing only Jelly Belly products in the Cinema City compound in central Israel, and offers a variety of flavors of jelly beans and candy sold in cones of different sizes.
Jelly Belly has been one of the leading jelly bean brands in the United States for the past 30 years, and is famous for over 50 flavors including cherry, watermelon, mandarin, kiwi, prune and pomegranate.
Unique flavors such as cappuccino, root beer jelly beans, roasted marshmallows, tutti frutti, cinnamon, chocolate pudding, buttered popcorn and more can also be found under the Jelly Belly brand name.
The company’s logo can be found on the back of each piece of candy.
The Sides’ Jelly Belly concept store offers a 100 gram (3.5 ounces) cone of jelly beans for the price of NIS 10 ($2.5), and a 200 gram (7 ounces) cone for the price of NIS 20 ($5).
In February 2009, Sides plans to introduce Jelly Belly products into the general market.



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