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Candy Blox

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The Candy You Play With! - Build 'Em & Eat 'Em!

  • Item Contains: Approx. 100 pcs/lb
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Parve - Dairy Free
Everyone knows how popular Lego is with kids of all ages, and all the time they spend building creations of all kinds with those famous interlocking blocks. Lego's popularity has grown to the point where Legoland amusement parks have sprung up in various locales around the world and Lego movies are the must-see movies of the year. It was inevitable, then, that Lego candy would come along, with blocks that perfectly replicate the real thing. You can buy them in bulk from Oh! Nuts, presenting kids with the ultimate dilemma - build or eat. Hopefully, they will build, then eat!

These Lego candies come in the same pastel colors as the blocks, complete with fruit flavors, so you may want to jump in and help them eat! Use these Lego candy blocks to create one-of-a-kind birthday party favor bags or to build a unique dessert display. Since they work just like real blocks, you can create cool Lego structures that are completely edible. We've seen people make everything from edible gift boxes to complete structures using Lego candies! You can also use them at any Lego-themed birthday party or extra-special event, as a cupcake or cake topping or to dress up your frozen yogurt or ice cream sundaes. There's truly no more fun d├ęcor than these sweet, stackable treats! Make sure to read the reviews on this page for more ideas and inspiration on things you can make with block candy.

This brick candy is made fresh, complete with kosher Pareve certification. For sure, you will want to get this Lego candy in bulk. Call that another inevitability! Order yours from Oh! Nuts in whatever quantity you desire, from a low-priced 1-pound bag all the way up to a hefty yet affordable 11-pound case. Each pound contains approximately 100 pieces.
LEGO is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group.
Item Contains: Approx. 100 pcs/lb
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
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Fun and yummy
by Sandi B from Powell WY on 10/3/2013
Kids of all ages love these! I have a few teachers that buy these by the bag fulls to use in their classrooms! They are always a hit on a kids party buffet table!
Birthday Party Favor
by Noelle from PA on 7/23/2012
I purchased these because my son's birthday party was all about legos. I couldn't find them in a store near me. I was very pleased with the quick shipping and the reasonable prices.
Bought for a birthday party
by TG from Parker, CO on 4/16/2012
This candy was purchased for a Lego themed Birthday party. The kids enjoyed stacking the candy and eating it too. Colorful and yummy.
Lego brick candy
by Belliott from New Prague, MN on 3/18/2012
Bought these for treat bags for a Lego themed birthday. They were a big hit with the kids! Tasted like a Smartie and Sweet Tart mixed. Very hard to bit. Wouldn't be for very small children/toddlers.
2nd year in a row
by Stephanie the lego party planner from San Antonio, TX on 2/15/2012
My son had a lego birthday party last year and all of the kids were totally obsessed with these candies. They loved that they could actually build with them and that they tasted great! This year my son wanted to have a lego star wars party and his biggest request was to have the lego candy blox again! Once again they were a huge hit with the kids - and adults! The only precaution I would have is that they are quite hard and must be sucked on to soften before chewing - but other than that they are wonderful to put out in a candy dish or separate into individual baggies as take home treats.
Just what I expected and arrived promptl
by Sid's Mom from Utah on 12/21/2011
We'd had these before, so I knew they don't stick together as firmly as the plastic Lego blocks, but they suit our purposes. They are very hard, but fun to suck on (my boys could crunch them, though!)
imaginative teaching tool
by a gram teacher from Cherokee Village, AR on 11/16/2011
I used it as a creative teaching tool and had students make things with them. They could do it individually or in groups which made larger things.
lego candy blox
by mom of 3 boys from massachusetts on 6/23/2011
Great for a Lego theme party. 2 lbs. Made 15 small goodie bags. Used for 5 and 6 year olds. Too hard to eat for younger kids.
Fun treat
by Tazcheerz from PA on 5/6/2011
These were the perfect gift for my son, who loves Legos. The kids thought it was great that they could actually build with them.
Very big hit- wish I bought more bags.
by speedie from FT. Lauderdale, FL on 3/28/2011
They were very good and the kids that got there's before they left started building them and eating them.
Very Happy with Purchase
by Momofboys from Ohio on 3/16/2011
I ordered these for my son's lego party and they were a hit! I didn't think they were chalky tasting...more like a smartie, but they are very hard to bite even for me. and kids thought it was so cool that they actually click together.
Perfect for a Lego Party!
by Birthday Party Mom from PA on 3/10/2011
I'm always on the lookout for themed treats for birthday parties. These definitely worked for a Lego party. I was a bit concerned about the color because they don't match the typical Lego primary colors. But thought they are light/pastel colors, they are much brighter than the photos shows.My kids and I were thrilled with the way they easily fit together. (Some of the "bumps" on the candies had broken off but surprisingly not too many.) The candies don't really "lock" and stay together if you're moving them, as my daughters did to decorate the cake. So they got some clear cake decorating glaze (in a tube) and put it between the candies. This helped them stay together very well.I purchased two bags. One was more than enough for 4 kids. We sorted the candies to make sure everyone got an even amount of each color and size. I don't remember but maybe each kid got at least 30 pieces?I only tasted a couple of them but the kids say they tasted great. They are hard though - harder than sweet tarts and pez - so be careful when the kids try to chew them. They really are for sucking.
Perfect for Lego birthday party!
by Kendra from LaGrange, GA on 3/7/2011
product was just as described. I got small ziploc bags at Hobby Lobby and divided these up as party favors at my 9 year old's birthday party. The kids loved them and had fun stacking them. We also put some in a jar for the kids to guess how many and the winner won the jar. Very fun!
You can build it and eat it too!
by Melissa from Tucson, AZ on 2/23/2011
Had the best price! Great flavor, perfect party favor for lego party theme. Best part is that you can actually build with them.
Perfect for LEGO Parties
by PJ's Mom from Greensburg, PA on 10/29/2010
These candies were perfect for my son's 4th birthday LEGO party. The children loved that they could actually build with the candy before eating it. The candies tasted good too...a bit like a sweet-tart or bottle cap but better.
awesome candy made the goody bag special
by daddy matt from south FL on 9/17/2010
the kids went crazy when they saw this candy in my son's lego birthday party goody bag... they could not wait to leave to open them up and start building... would definitely buy them again.
These were a hit at the party!
by Ty from tampa, florida on 9/5/2010
I bought these block candies for my son's Lego themed 7th birthday party and they were a BIG HIT! I originally was going to use them as party favors for the kids (I hate giving out goody bags filled with junky toys) but I didn't have enough with just 1 bag so I put them in a bowl and set them aside the other snacks I had out. I also "sprinkled" some all over the snack table. The kids thought they were just decorations but once I explained to them that they were candy that they could actually build with like real Legos they all went crazy for them! The parents were also intrigued. The blocks taste just like Smarties or SweetTarts. You can use these for any gift idea/holiday for any Lego addict! The only thing I don't recommend is using these around small children as they may not be able to distinguish real Legos with these edible ones.
Perfect for a Lego Party!
by Mom of James from Brooklyn, CT on 8/22/2010
These candies are delicious and not too sweet. My three year old loves them! They will be a perfect addition to his birthday party!
Great for lego party and taste great too
by Great dad! from Davie, Florida on 8/4/2010
Placed in little treat bag for kids at Lego theme B-day party. Great little candies that have surprisingly great taste and you could even build with them. You can buy premade bags on and pay much more or just buy from OH NUTS and [$] a bag and make your own litle bags and save $$$.
Fun and tasty too.
by Neil'sMom from LA, CA on 7/28/2010
I threw a Lego party and used these as decorations, snacks, and in the goody bags.
I would tell any Lego lover!
by Jenn from Eagle Point, OR on 7/27/2010
I loved this product. My son and all of his friends as well and some of my friends too.. Thank you so much it made his party!
Candy thats fun to play with
by Rob from Commack ,NY on 7/16/2010
My son is obsess with Legos, so when I found the candy at Oh! Nuts I orderd 2 lbs. for his Birthday Party. When my wife and I tasted them we knew we had to order more. We used the candy to decorate his cake as well as giving them out with the party favors. They were a hit with the adults as well as the children.
Great for Lego themed party!
by Legomom from Crown Point, IN on 7/7/2010
My son's 6th birthday party was Lego themed so I used the Lego candy as toppers for my cupcakes. They were a great hit with the kids and adults.
great treat
by jlack from Houston, TX on 7/7/2010
We used them to decorate a birthday cake and the kids loved it. The did not stack like Lego's, but the kids did not seem to mind.
Great for Lego birthday parties
by Mike Dmo from Roanoke, VA on 6/29/2010
These candies fit together just like Lego blocks. We used them at my son's Lego themed birthday party in one of the planned games and then guests got to keep them. I assume most of the guests decided to eventually eat theirs. Similar taste to Sweet Tarts but not as tart and slightly harder.
Adorable and Great for Kids Parties!
by wthrgrl from NJ on 6/25/2010
Really cute idea! Love this product! Great for party favors for bday party for kid who loves their lego toys!! Also good to have displayed at party etc. Colorfull, realistic and awesome!!
Happy should have ordered more!
by Mom of lege freaks from Wisconsin on 5/20/2010
A great candy for lego lovers.
by Shawn S from Boston MA on 5/4/2010
Great for cake decoration and building edible structures.
Very Cute
by Tessie the Party Planner from Bellevue, NE on 3/23/2010
These were a cute party favor for our son's Lego birthday party. The boys loved them and they even fit together. I will definitely get them again!
These were great for my sons Lego party!
by Heidi from Des Moines, IA on 3/14/2010
These were great for decorating my 8 year olds birthday cake. They snap together just like real legos do. They all have a different flavor, which was very good. I will definitely buy them again.
Great product!
by T from Lebanon, OH on 3/14/2010
We used these for my sons Lego party. They were a hit. We used them as cupcake toppers and gave them away in the goody bags.
The PERFECT addition to your LEGO party!
by fnygrl from New Jersey on 3/10/2010
These LEGO Candy Blox were the perfect addition to our six-year-old son's LEGO-themed birthday party. We had put these out in a bowl for the kids to snack on during the party, and we also put them in small, clear bags in the LEGO goody boxes. The kids loved them! They taste a bit like Sweet Tarts - except you can actually build with the Candy Blox!
Very Fun, Kids loved them!
by Mom of 5 from Washington, DC on 3/2/2010
We ordered these for a Lego themed party, and they were perfect. The kids could actually build with them, then eat their creations!
by Janeen from Pa on 2/17/2010
This is the best purchase I have ever made, the lego candy was VERY inexpensive, ! the lego candy really fit together and tastes great as well. I would recommend this product to any of my friends whose children are in to lego's !!
by Diane from Houston, Texas on 2/3/2010
These lego blocks were the hit of the party. Not only can you eat them, but you can stack them together just like real legos. The guests took them home as party favors.
Loved them!
by Super mom from Columbus GA on 1/26/2010
I had a Lego birthday party for my son turning 7. Made the Lego cake and everything. I thought theses would be a cute party favor for the gift bags and for my son who LOVES Legos. They are just like toy legos you can actually build with them ( just little tiny things but still they are cool) They tasted great, espically the blue ones.The kids loved them, they all asked where I purchased them so they could " tell their parents where to buy them " My son loved them they were a big hit! I bought 2 pounds for a party of 10 children and they still wanted more!
Fun Candy
by mamacard from Salem, OR on 12/8/2009
Great product that is what it says it is and does what it says it does. You can really build with this candy! They are a little too hard for really young kids to eat but are perfect for my soon-to-be 6-year-old's birthday party.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
About 6 pieces (14g)
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value *
Total Fat0g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate13g
Dietary Fiber0g
Total Sugars13g
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate

Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Ingredients: Dextrose, citric acid, calcium stearate, artificial flavors, artificial colors (FD&C Red 40 lake, Blue 1 lake, Yellow 5 lake, Yellow 6 lake). Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and dairy products.

Allergen Information: Processed in a facility that also processes Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy and Milk products