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Dried Persimmon Slices

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Dried Persimmons Slices

Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Our all-natural dried persimmon slices have no added sugar or preservatives. These sweet-tasting dried fruits are available at bulk-buy discount prices when you order the one-lb. bag, three-lb. bag or 12-lb. case.

Why We Love Dried Persimmons

Our all-natural dried persimmons are a healthy alternative to salty or sugar-saturated, fat-filled snacks. If you're on a diet, reach for our dried persimmons instead of a piece of candy or cake. If you simply want healthier snacks, try our dried persimmons.

One buyer described our dried persimmon slices as "sweet and delicious, yet not sugary. Great to chew on, so satisfying yet so good for you." Another happy customer describes our dried persimmons as "yummy as candy."

Low-fat persimmons are high in fiber and good-for-you magnesium and potassium. Our dried persimmons ae rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. Fiber-rich dried persimmons also contain lots vitamins E and K.

Use them in baked dessert recipes, in salads and in trail mixes. We like to eat them right out of the bag, or fill a tray with them to share as a healthy anytime snack.

About Dried Persimmons:

  • Are dried persimmons healthy for you? Yes, dried persimmons are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and K. They contain potassium and other good-for-you nutrients.
  • Do dried persimmons have added sugar? We add no sugar to our all-natural dried persimmons.
  • How and how long should you store dried persimmons? You can store most dried fruits in the pantry for up to six months. Store in a cool, dark place for best results.
  • How do you soften/reconstitute/rehydrate dried persimmons? Add water to rehydrate any dried fruit. Soak for 10 to 15 minutes in a bowl of recently boiled water.



Scientific Name

Diospyros virginiana



Popular Uses

Snacks, in recipes

Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
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based on 9 reviews
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taste great out of the package. would get again, as needed.
by Janet C. from New York City on 10/22/2022
Found a persimmon cake recipe from BH&G, which recommended getting the persimmons from Oh! Nuts. Glad I did, will use the Oh Nuts site in the future for any dried item I may require. The cake is in the oven at the moment, so I don't know how it's going to taste.
So Delicious and all natural
by Gram from NJ on 4/27/2021
Its a great snack because its sweet and delicious yet not sugary. Great to chew on, so satisfying yet so good for you.
by Maria from NJ on 5/28/2020
I would order this again and again! Absolutely the best!!
Who knew? So Tastey
by SSS from VA on 11/11/2019
We like these for snacks, Will look for other ways to uses them. Great flavor, texture and color.
Perfect treat-just as sweet & yummy as candy!
by nancyjane from Boston MA on 3/23/2018
I'm trying to cut out processed sugar and mindless snacking. I remembered some homemade dried persimmons my brother grew and dried out in Ojai, CA- they were like a beautiful dessert! I hoped to find something similar (since my brother is holding out on me), and these dried persimmons are sensational! Pretty to look at, perfectly dried, so they still have a softness to them, but none of the slight bitterness you'd think of with a ripe persimmon. They are sweet as candy, and are going to be my go-to candy for a while as I modify my diet. In fact, I bet they'll stay in my dessert rotation always, they are that good!
A tasty snack
by duchess from PA on 10/23/2014
Your dried persimmon has become my tasty snack staple. Most of the slices are chewable but some are tough, perhaps over processed.
by AILUY from Central NJ on 9/3/2014
I LOVE Persimmons! Have loved them since I was a little girl and every year I could hardly wait until the fresh ones would show up. These dried ones have a lot of flavor to them. They are about as close to the taste of the fresh ones as dried can be. Soft and chewy. I enjoy them as a snack, as dessert and in/with baked goods.
These are perfect!!
by Julie from on 8/11/2014
These are so yummy! Not too sweet, but sweet enough and completely natural!
Absolutely Fresh and Delicious!
by duchess from PA on 4/13/2014
A great treat! If I had not found my way to Oh! Nuts, I would not have discovered the nutritional benefits of persimmons. This dried variety is comfortably chewy and not too sweet.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
1.06 oz (40g)
Servings per Container15
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value *
Total Fat0g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate24g
Dietary Fiber4g
Total Sugars15g
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. View the Kosher Certificate

Certified Parve - Dairy Free

Ingredients: Persimmons.

Allergen Information: Manufactured in a facility that processes/packages products that contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, sesame & wheat