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Complete Seder Gift Pack

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All-In-One Gift for the Seder Table

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This Passover, give the gift that will ensure they have everything needed for the Seder night.   

Do you have a loved one who cannot make it to your Seder table?  A kid far away in college?  A neighbor stationed somewhere in the boonies because he signed up for the army?  Do you learn with a Jew who is becoming more observant but has no formal connection to a Jewish community?  Or perhaps you know someone who might be stuck in a hospital or rehab for Pesach this year?

This is the gift that will give them a proper Seder.  It is the Seder-on-the-go present, kind of like an emergency kit for Passover night.  From ritual Haggadah to the Matzo and the grape juice and even to the two small electric candles, this gift box will give the recipient a way to bring Pesach to anywhere they might be stuck.

If you cannot bring them to your Seder, bring the Seder to them this Passover.

Seder Kit Includes:

Matzoh of your choice: Machine Matzot or Matzo Smura; Passover Haggadah; Grape Juice Bottle; Charoset; Gefilte Fish;  Horseradish; plastic Kidush cup; lights.  

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Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
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by Boppy56 from Delray Beach on 5/4/2019
Great gift
by Lee from Phila,pa on 4/27/2017
Sent as a gift.Got wonderful feedback from recipient.
Wonderful Passover in a box
by BubbieBear from ND on 5/6/2016
We were delighted with everything we purchased from Oh Nuts for Pesach! This box was a wonderful starter for our Seder, but would also be great for college students far from home!
Awesome Gift!!!!
by desertrisa from Near Los Angeles on 4/27/2014
I sent this gift pack out East to a friend. He loved it! He said it made his Passover special!