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Jelly Bean Gifts

Who doesn't love popping a mouthful of fresh, chewy jelly beans into your mouth and enjoying the burst of juicy flavor they bring? Or hunting through a mix for all of your favorite kinds to savor one by one. Oh! Nuts makes it easy to please the kid in your life or anyone else with a playful outlook on life with a fun-loving gift basket of jelly beans. We offer Jelly Belly brand trays of 10, 20, 40, or 50 unique flavors for your lucky recipient to mix and match and enjoy. They will be smacking their lips and laughing over very cherry, green apple, buttered popcorn and all the other crowd pleasers in the Jelly Belly lineup. A flavor guide inside the box will point the way to everyone's favorites. For a sweet and silly get well soon gift, your poor patient will get a chuckle out of munching on jelly beans arranged in day of the week pill-style boxes that present a little sweetness and laughter as the best medicine. This "Daily Dose of Candy" is a "feel better" gift that you can definitely feel good about, and certainly one that neither kids nor adults will have seen before. All of the Oh! Nuts brand jelly beans are certified kosher, so anyone can enjoy them without a care. You thought making crazy jelly bean combinations was fun? You will get a kick out of the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled jelly bean game, and so will any kid in your life. This hilarious game tests how sharp your jelly bean identification skills really are when it presents you with 10 wacky and wild flavors that look decidedly like 10 classic flavors. Are you sure you're about to eat a tutti frutti jelly bean? Or will it taste like stinky socks? Do you really dare eat that jelly bean you are sure is chocolate pudding? Watch out: it just might actually be canned dog food flavor! This game will have everyone hooting with laughter as everyone around you is bamboozled into eating these nasty tricky treats.

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