Chanukah Roulette Game with Candy

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Chanukah Roulette Game - (the Innovative Dreidel Game) with 8 Boxes of Pishkalach Candy

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Game Instructions:
A game of Chance and Challenge for an Unlimited Number of players. The game consists of three rounds. Each player has one turn per round.

Place 12-14 colored candies in the center of the playing surface (do not put more). Spin the dreidel. As the dreidel spins, it will knock the candies into the holes in the playing surface. Try to spin the dreidel so that it does not knock the candies out of the playing surface.

The longer the dreidel spins, the more candies will be knocked into the 16 colored and numbered holes in the game base. Each of the holes has a different point value. For each spin the score is the total points of all candies in the holes when the dreidel stops spinning, Deduct 10 points for each candy knocked out of the playing surface. Candies remaining on the playing surface but not in the hole at the end of a spin are worth zero.
For example: a dreidel spin resulted in one candy knocked off of the playing surface; 3 candies remain  in the center; and eight candies in holes numbered 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, and 75. The players score is 111.

Variation 1: They Yellow candies always double in points. In round one the candies will be double points if they land in the red holes. In round two they will double points if they land in the blue holes. And in round three, they will double in points if they land in the green holes.

Variation 2: Each player chooses a color and counts only the score from the candies from that color.

Variation 3: Each player chooses a color. At the end of each players spin, the score from the candies of each player’s color is attributed to that player.

Caution: this game contains very small parts. It is not suitable for children Younger than six years of age.
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Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
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