Magnificent Hand Made Candy & Chocolate Wedding Cake

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Unique Wedding "Cake" Candy Tiers

Styrofoam base dipped in white chocolate and covered with chocolates and candies.
(Please note : not an actual baked cake)

Simply Gorgeous Wedding Centerpiece

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Dairy Chalav Stam
This towering wedding cake is not made of actual cake.  It is a most unique wedding centerpiece constructed out of candies and chocolates. 

This eye-catching array of white and pink confections is quite simply the wedding cake el magnificent.  Many times, wedding cakes are sliced into, but not eaten.  We are quite sure this is one wedding cake that will be enjoyed down to the last foil-wrapped candy.  Adults and children alike will flock around this gorgeous wedding cake to partake in its sweet candies.  

This towering tiered candy "cake" also makes a sweet table buffet centerpiece. Pink and white bonbons are hand placed into this show-stopping candy display masterpiece.  And if you are a romantic guy who would like to sweep some special girl off her feet, send her this romantic tiered cake.  

Approx. Dimensions :
Bottom tier: 12" x 4" 
Middle tier: 8" x 4"
Small tier: 6" x 4"
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