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Kosher for Passover Candy

Bring out the sweet in your sweeties with our huge selection of kosher Passover candy. Our specialty candies and foods are perfect to buy for yourself or to give as gifts to family and friends. Get ready for the Jewish holiday celebration of Passover with these pareve confections - serve them at your Seder table, hand them out to the little ones in your life or satisfy your insatiable sweet tooth. Many of our candies are available in a variety of bulk sizes - save a bundle by taking advantage of our deeply discounted wholesale prices.

Our Passover candies come in dozens of flavors and textures - they are both beautiful to look at and fun to display with their festive colors and designs. Whether you or your family are fans of rich chocolate, fluffy marshmallows, hard candies or bubble gum, we have exactly the types of Passover confections that everyone in the family are craving. Make this festive Pesach season a hit by stocking up on oodles of Passover candy from Oh! Nuts.

Our fruity, gummy candies come in mouthwatering shapes, flavors and designs - even sour variations that will put a pucker on their pouts. Pick from jelly balls, fruit slices, jelly fish, bears, rings, beans and more. Sample all of our variations of tasty lollipops, sugar-spun cotton candies, taffy and chocolate-covered lentils. We have sugar-coated popcorn, leather rolls and even ice pops!

If you crave the sweetness of sugar but are looking for sugar-free treats, check out our many sugar-free options. Find hard candies in dulce de leche, mint and berry flavors. Our sugar-free mint or bubble gum is an excellent option - we even have several types of sugar-free cookies to nibble on.

All of our Passover candy selections are kosher and are great to serve at the Seder or during any Passover dinner. Browse our selection and choose the kosher-for-Passover candies that you love or know that your friends and family will love. Add them to your gift baskets and put a smile on their face during this holiday season.