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Passover Hazelnuts (Filberts)

We don't mind if you call them hazelnuts or filberts - we're not the boss of you! Do you know where the name "filbert" comes from? In a nutshell (pun very intended) hazelnuts were usually ready for harvest in late August, about the same time as Catholics celebrated the feast day of St. Philbert.

6 Passover Hazelnuts (Filberts)

As for where our filberts come from, we offer a variety of the freshest nuts available from Oregon. Hazelnuts offer a sweet, rich flavor compared to a peanut, making them perfect for snacking by themselves, or using in a number of delicious desserts from cakes to pralines. That's a reason Nutella, made primarily from hazelnuts, is so much different from peanut butter.

But you have bigger ideas than Nutella. You have amazing plans for hazelnuts, and Oh! Nuts is your best source for high-quality nuts that won't disappoint. We offer the best bulk and wholesale prices on the internet, and can get as precise as you need. From ground hazelnuts perfect for cakes and pastes to roasted hazelnuts that make a great snack, we have a variety of kosher nuts available. We even offer raw hazelnuts in the shell or dark chocolate-covered hazel nuts.