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Purim Kids Minnie Mouse Imagine Ink Gift Mishloach Manos - 6 Pack

SKU: 77159

Cartoon Shalach Manos

Minnie Mouse Gift Basket

Discount Half Dozen Shalach Manos Pack

  • Purim Basket Mishloach Manot
Product bears reliable hechsher

The Nice Mice to have around this Purim are these half-dozen bulk pack Kiddie Shalach Manos gifts.  Using the girly favorite Minnie Mouse theme, we’ve built an entire Shalach Manot Gift Pack that is sure to be kids’ favorite Mishloach Manot.  It features delicious Purim snacks, a bottle of the fun ink gift and has a beautiful (and colorful) presentation.  You won’t feel like squeaking about the cost of Purim gift giving with this affordable and easy-to-order fun children’s Purim Party favors.  By your whiskers, dear customer, who could have believed Purim Shalach Manos gifting can be this easy?!

Gather your einiklech around, Jewish Bubbies and Zaidies.  Hand out the Minnie Mouse Mishloach Manot.  Grab your cameras and I-phones.  Yes, you guessed it.  With these sure-to-be-appreciated children’s Purim gifts in hand, the treasured grandchildren WILL smile and say cheese!  Wink, wink.

* Nosh may vary and substituted to equally valued items 
Purim Basket Mishloach Manot
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Kids loved them!
by Bobby in Brooklyn from NY on 3/24/2020
Package arrived on time out of town, shipped to Cleveland Ohio. Kids loved the whole thing!