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Guaranteed Heat Resistant Packaging

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Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Parve - Dairy Free
Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories. Certified Kosher Pareve under strict supervision of the OK laboratories.
Certified Parve - Dairy Free Certified Parve - Dairy Free
  Rated 5 out of 5 stars
based on 156 reviews
Product cool not melted
There was only one
Best Uses
Keeping stuff cold
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Company That Puts Customers First!
by Cookie from Maryland on 8/2/2023
Because of the recent heatwave in the U.S., it is imperative that food distribution companies use heat-resistant packaging! Everything was fresh and delivery time was excellent. Love your company!
Would recommend this to anyone. Brings back lots of memory from when I was a kid
by Cindy from Abilene,Kansas on 7/7/2023
I just love the vanilla halva it's so good. We used to get itwhen we were kids and still as was back then
Product arrived in good shape - choc. did not melt.
by Rich from San Clemente CA on 10/19/2022
Silver Choc. coins fit perfectly into my magic show! Always a hit. I produce a ton of real silver coins, so having a coin that matches in color and brightness really makes for a SWEET Finale.
Everything came in excellent condition. Everything was fresh. Everyone loved them.
by Angela from Westchester County, NY on 9/25/2022
The product was used to fill clear plastic baby bottles as part of the decoration on each table for each guest. Everyone loved them, and started eating them right away! I enjoyed the pastel colors, which made them very whimsical and a pop of color. I can't say anything negative about this product. Everyone enjoyed them. Thank you
malted milk balls arrived yummy in the heat-resistant bag.
by janet f from Indy, IN on 9/9/2022
Malted milk balls pound-bags arrived in heat-resistant bag. Usual muggy, hot, and humid Indiana weather. The two bags of goo thawed and remained cool to my touch in their metallic bag. bags of malted balls were ready to eat after removing from the sealed Mylar quilted bag. Well worth the packaging for cool to the touch and shiny chocolate crispy malted milk balls. Yep! Yum! Noshing as e-speaking.
Worked in sweltering heat this summer.
by Liza from Annapolis, MD on 9/6/2022
I hesitate to buy chocolate online during the Summer months. When I saw this packaging option, I thought I would give it a try. I’m so glad I did! The chocolate covered nuts arrived in tact and delicious despite the heat wave during which they were delivered.
Works perfectly.
by Doug from on 8/24/2022
Would buy it again but not in the summer.
by SAUS from 59829 on 8/21/2022
Arrived just fine. But, if I order again it won't be in the summer. Too hot, and the possibiity of the shipment not arriving on time,
Beyond my expectations
by Kasha from Harbor springs on 8/19/2022
I used these for the first time for muffins. They were packed excellent. I was worried because it’s been so hot, but they came in perfect. Highly recommend
Great packaging
by COCA from on 8/18/2022
Chocolate was waxy tasting.
Great packaging for keeping it cool
by Lesa from Hot Springs, AR on 10/25/2021
Awesome packaging for chocolate.
A Must Have
by Chip04 from Pittsburgh area on 7/16/2021
a must-have for warm weather deliveries. Spend the money to save your order from melting!
Very Impressed
by jen from Minnesota on 7/13/2021
The silver insulated bag and cold paks not only made the delivery of the items fresh in the heat but were used as we traveled 12 hours with the fruit slices and taffy in the car. Very nice addition. Thank you. Sure beat the $200 express delivery.
packaging well done
by Jon from Springfield, MA on 8/23/2020
I ordered some chocolate in August and it arrived in perfect shape ground shipping. The 'gel packs' used seem higher quality than most I've seen. The box was standard polystyrene foam and did the job
by mary adams jr from on 7/6/2020
Everything came safe and sound!
by Chocolate Lover from FL on 7/6/2020
Ordered during the heat of the summer. With the Special Packaging everything came safe and sound.
It was recommended.
by Debbyy from brooklyn, ny on 10/17/2019
I ordered chocolates and this was almost a 'requirement'. I was told that it would ensure the freshness of the chocolate. I guess it did.
Yummy but melted! My daughter loved the 2/3 that survived but we lost about 1/3 due to melting.
by Chris Agosto Carreiro from North Carolina on 10/28/2018
It was yummy but just wish so much hasn’t melted!
Arrived without melting
by Heat Resistant Packing from PA on 10/21/2018
Packing was still slightly cold when it arrived. Only issue was condensation- several of the boxes were "wet"- allowed them to air dry and no issues. Candy was foil wrapped- so no problems with the actual candy.
cold pack disposal
by KerA from Maryland on 9/26/2018
Even though the "cold pack" was no longer cold and the weather was warm, the product arrived in good condition. However, the cold pack had neither a brand name nor a list of the liquid contents and I am unable to find any of this information on your web site. In order to safely recycle or dispose of the contents this information would be useful.
Unique and beautiful.
by Judy from on 9/25/2018
Unique and beautiful gift item. Items packaged well, although one box had a broken chocolate. Thought would be bigger. But, would buy again.
Great quality Great taste Love them
by dragon from MA on 9/17/2018
I used the colors for a tinker bell birthday party. They were the hit of the buffet candy table. Great tasting candy
Fresh and Delicious
by Rabbi Vicki Axe from Connecticut on 9/12/2018
The packaging was excellent, but one of the cookies arrived broken.
It works!
by Miora from on 9/7/2018
The heat resistant packaging works very well. It kept my order fresh for its 2-day trip!
Exceeded my expectations!
by Rachana from Palo alto on 8/30/2018
Worked as promised
Nice box
by Apples from on 7/18/2018
Can't really say much about the box or cooling system because my purchase arrived the next day and everything was store fresh but it looks like it's built to do a good of for a longer time period
Didn't melt in Vegas heat.
by Sara from Las Vegas, Nevada on 7/16/2018
Had to purchase with the get well chocolate kit. The chocolate did not melt in 110+ weather. Would use again when sending somewhere hot.
I would buy this product again.
by Reds from Berkeley Springs ,WV. on 10/26/2017
I eat them also giv as gifts in basket with other things .Very pleased.
Thank you!
by Mrs. Hyton from CHICAGO on 10/18/2017
This packaging really saved the chocolate as it sat here over Yom Tov! The chocolates turned a little white but are delicious. Thank you!
Candy came late Was not delivered in heat resistant packaging
by Oma from Valley Stream on 9/24/2017
They called and asked me if I still wanted the candy because it was past the delivery date They told me that it would be delivered that night. Waited and them the next day it came 3 days late. When I called to complain it wasn't a big deal to them They said that they would give me a voucher for future orders. Well ever been lied to?
Kept things fresh
by Lilly from Sp Hll,Fl on 9/22/2017
packaging was great and kept everything fressh and tasty
by Yvonne from Mableton, Ga on 9/12/2017
The product was not what I expected. The flavors were WONDERFUL!! I will order all my candy from your company. Thank you So much for the samples
No worries purchasing chocolate in August!!
by Bread Lady from Northern Indiana on 9/6/2017
All the chocolate I purchased arrived in perfect condition due to the heat resistant packaging. My order was placed mid-August without worry that it would be delivered without issue. OhNuts goes above and beyond not only in packaging, but in customer service, as well. I will buy from them again and highly recommend them.
Fresh and in perfect condition
by Sheri from MO on 8/29/2017
The packaging kept the pretzels cold and were perfect when they arrived
Perfect Packaging
by Lita from Rochester, NY on 8/20/2017
I purchased the heat resistance packaging along with three different types of chocolate that I had bought for a birthday party. Because of the heat and hot weather, this was the best thing that I could have done. My candy arrive unmelted and stayed safely in the packaging until it was ready for use. I highly recommend this product.
Works great
by Lin from Connecticut on 8/18/2017
Special delicious treat
Excellent Packing!
by D in BigD from Texas on 8/15/2017
The heat resistant packing is magic! Chocolate covered almonds arrived in brutal Texas heat with no problem! Quick shipping! Love buying your products!
Kept the chocolates soiled
by PJG from McAdoo on 8/13/2017
Purchased cold packs for the chocolates & the chocolate remained soiled.
OK, heat resistant is very heavy and very compsly
by CATLOVER2010 from Indianapolis, In on 8/7/2017
by Laura from Charleston, SC on 7/31/2017
Everything about this order was amazing. It was easy to place the order. The product was shipped in an extremely timely manner and when it arrive I was nervous as it was sitting on my porch in 100 degree sun and to my surprise it was packed in a Styrofoam container with paper and ice-packs to keep it all cool and fresh. The product was exactly what I thought it would be. I will definitely order more products from this company. I did not have the same luck with an order I placed with another company. Thank goodness most of my order was with Oh Nuts! Thanks for excellent service!
It works.
by chip from Pittsburgh, PA on 7/20/2017
Tis "gadget" worked just fine. My product did not melt.
Worked fine
by RobW from Boston on 7/12/2017
This kept my chocolate covered nuts fresh on a hot week, and they arrived in great shape. Otherwise, I am sure they would have arrived a mess.
I would buy this product again
by Hank from Oklahoma on 6/15/2017
I always want to know what others think and the level of rating to determine if I want to take a chance on this product.
I guess thoid worked.
by chip from Pittsburgh, PA on 6/14/2017
I guess this was useful. The chocolates were in fine shape when they arrived.
Kept the Chocolate Cool!
by cmmarino from Richmond, VA on 6/9/2017
This was critical to our chocolate arriving unmelted. It did a great job keeping the candy cool in our hot climate.
Excellent protection from heat resistant packaging
by MommaReid from Birmingham, AL on 10/6/2016
It really protected the candy I ordered. Milk chocolate arrived in perfect condition.
i am glad i paid for it
by [email protected] from north carolina on 8/31/2016
If I did not purchase my candy would have melted
Absolutely necessary
by Chundra from on 8/23/2016
The heat resistant packaging was necessary to protect the chocolates that I ordered. When the package arrived, the packaging was room temperature, but my chocolates were not melted or soft. Overall, it worked for what I needed, but I would be concerned if the shipping took any longer.
Excellent shipping and arriving on time.
by Alice from Chattanooga, TN on 8/16/2016
Candy arrived quickly and just as described. Would purchase from this company again without hesitation.
Perfect Bris Centerpieces
by R. G. from Monsey, NY on 7/8/2016
I ordered these items to be shipped out of state and they arrived perfectly packaged, fresh, and ON TIME!! They served as the centerpieces for my new grandson's bris and everyone enjoyed them.
by Nicole from on 7/4/2016
I used this candy for a candy bar at my wedding and it looked and tasted great!
Well worth the extra cost!
by suzetta61 from Michigan on 7/2/2016
Definitely worth the small extra charge to ensure that the product arrived with out melting. The candy was still cold when I received it.
I would definitely purchase again
by ReeRee from Hackensack, NJ on 6/29/2016
I used these chocolates to give away when I had my daughter. Everyone loved the unique idea and the taste of the delicious, fresh chocolate.
by Shannon from hibbing, mn on 10/19/2015
Have ordered several times and the heat resistant packing is generally room temperature when received. I even do the "requested" shipping time at the higher shipping rate. would still recommend for summer sales
by shana from on 10/12/2015
great for parties
Really worked!
by cookie lover from on 9/25/2015
We had a few days of 90 and above just at the time I placed my order. I was nervous that the chocolates would arrive melted. When they were removed from their box for the reception, they were perfect!
It was a hot day!
by ndelacy from California on 9/24/2015
My UPS driver always delivers late! But my product arrived in perfect condition. It was no longer cool but when its been a truck for 2 days already and its nearly 100* outside I can't imagine it remaining cool, especially being delivered at 640PM
Was perfect even when it came in our hottest heat wave
by Wendy from Shrewsbury MA on 9/24/2015
Look beautiful for the candy table at her wedding. And tasted great.
Quick shipping and amazing packaging!
by Blueberry from Indiana on 9/7/2015
Quick shipping and amazing packaging!
great poduct second time around
by Baker from California on 9/1/2015
the heat resistant packaging did not hold up well and the chocolate had melted, thanks to Oh Nuts they resent my order and everything was excellent
Great Packaging
by cs from on 9/1/2015
Everything was in great shape when we got it.
Worth ordering!
by Chris from Suwanee GA on 8/28/2015
This packaging is a must if your perishable needs to stay cool - it surrounds the product on all sides with insulation and includes sufficient stay cool packs to keep the product protected.
Arrived on a 90 degree day and no melting!
by Alice from Algonquin Illinois on 8/24/2015
I plan to use these candies to add to a white and blue bark for my daughter's baby shower. I was thrilled that I could find the colors for our party theme.
Everything still cold
by TT from Seattle, WA on 8/7/2015
The packaging was great. Everything was still cold when they arrived. I was given a wrong item but I'm hopeful they will send out the correct item right away and that has nothing to do with the packaging. Shipping was pretty expensive to get everything here but since it's for a wedding I didn't want to take the chance of anything melting and the packaging did it's job.
by Pam R from Detroit, MI on 7/29/2015
Arrived in very good condition - chocolate was NOT melted. Crisp pretzels-covered in high quality white and milk chocolate. They were processed, shipped and delivered quickly and were fresh. Both white and milk chocolate pretzels were a big hit at my granddaughter's graduation open house candy buffet table. Couldn't love them more.
Amazing product! Would buy again!
by Blondiegurl332 from Mn on 7/23/2015
Packaged to perfection! Tastes amazing! Huge hit at wedding!
Excellent packaging!!! Excellent price!!!!
by Patti from on 7/23/2015
Baby shower favors, pops for kids attending.....very pleased with entire purchase
I would definately buy this product again!
by cfrohreich from on 7/22/2015
Used the candies in Favor boxes for my daughters wedding. They were very fresh, and delicious! Everyone loved them.
GREAT packaging
by Heidi from Here on 7/10/2015
Great packaging!
This packaging is a must in the summer!
by Susan from Fortson, GA on 7/6/2015
This packaging is the best thing since sliced bread and bottled beer. It kept my chocolate covered peanuts nice and chilled even in the 97 degree direct sunlight in front of my garage where the UPS guy left the package.
by LES from MS on 7/2/2015
Brilliant Packaging!
by Cee Aye from on 6/30/2015
Order came beautifully packed, fresh and uber tasty! Thank you!
Impressed with packaging
by Laura from on 6/24/2015
My chocolate candy arrived fresh and refridgerated thanks to this packaging. I didn't even open the package for a day and it was still cool.
by Karen from Binghamton NY on 6/22/2015
I've used this website several times. Everything is always fresh and arrives promptly, very well packaged and cold. Wonderful!!!
Kept our cotton candy cool
by Scarlett from Columbia, SC on 6/17/2015
We live in a hot/humid state so we opted for the heat resistant pack in our cotton candy order. This package was delivered by fedex and the packs were still cool upon arrival and the cotton candy was still fresh. I definitely recommend paying extra for this.
great packaging
by KK from on 6/17/2015
Great at keeping the candy good
big hit
by Nita from on 6/10/2015
the product was used to keep the items fresh
big hit
by Nita from on 6/9/2015
the product was used to keep the items fresh
fresh and safe and sound
by chocolover from Michigan on 5/31/2015
The candies arrived in perfect condition. No melting or broken pieces.
Box worked!
by heather from Central FL on 5/26/2015
The box worked great, especially in Fl on a hot day. Everything was fresh and not melted at all.
The items arrived in perfect condition due to the special packaging.
by Debbie from York, PA on 11/2/2014
I made a favor for my daughter's baby shower using pretzels, the baking wafer and m and m's. They were a big hit.
Arrived absolutely fresh
by Jan from on 11/1/2014
Everything arrived in excellent condition on time for our party
Perfect shipment!
by Surie from Chicago on 10/28/2014
Because of this incredible packaging my order came in perfect condition!
Well worth the expence!
by Gil from El Paso on 10/23/2014
WE ordered the Chocolate granola and we are sure that if we did not get the "Hear Resistant Pkg" we would have gotten ugly melted product. Ordered regular freight and took a full week to arrive but was still cool too the touch. Thanks!
Awesome pack!!
by Mom from Monticello, New York on 10/14/2014
Great product!!
by Heather from North Carolina on 10/14/2014
Products were packaged well and nothing was broken or crushed
Candy Buffet is Beautiful!
by Donna from Memphis TN on 10/14/2014
I received the candies in TN and then re-shipped to the bride-to-be in Pennsylvania. They arrived with no problem. The candy buffet at the wedding was beautiful and the guests raved about the taste of the candies. I love this company very much and I will use them again!
Great !
by none from on 10/12/2014
candy bar...big hit !
Product great and arrived in perfect condition
by Sandy from on 10/8/2014
I sent 3 six section plastic candy dishes to Michigan and one to Texas. I chose the candies for each section and they were closed and wrapped at the checkout. All four of the shipments came with the candy dish open and the candy scattered all over the mailing carton. The candy was enjoyed by the recipients however the presentation was lost. These shipments were made from the store in Cedarhurst. The one shipment that I arranged for on-line arrived in perfect condition and my family loved it.
A secure way to send in a Heat Resistant Package your items it will always come in great conditions "oh! Nuts" is so reliable. :)
by Viking from Virginia on 10/6/2014
I ordered on very hot days and the Heat - Resistant Packaging was done in a excellent way my Ordering items came in perfect. :)
Fresh, delicious, timely delivery, most reasonable price
by Cherokee256 from Middle Ga. on 10/6/2014
Used on my daughter's candy table since her wedding theme was sunflowers. Awesome! Guests loved them. Made a beautiful candy table. Definitely an A+++ company in my book.
Worked perfectly
by Liz from Sonoma County, CA on 10/6/2014
Even across country in summer, the foam insulation stayed in place and the freezer units were still cool. The chocolates were not melted at all. I was happy that I hadn't paid for the two-day shipping instead.
Heat resistant packaging guarantees product quality!
by C. from on 9/27/2014
The weather temperature can be unpredictable in August/September. The insulated packaging guaranteed that the chocolates arrived in perfect condition.
Nifty Idea
by Nettie from on 9/23/2014
Neat idea. Kept malted milk balls from melting during shipping.Would definitely recommend.
High Quality
by Uzma from Illinois on 9/19/2014
I ordered 20 pounds of candy over summer. I wasn't sure what to expect, but knew I didn't want a melted mess on my hands. The entire lining of the box was covered with Styrofoam, and had large refreezable icepacks on top. everything was cold to the touch. Very impressed with the quality for the price. Will definitely ship it this way all the time during warmer months.
Get this if any chance candy could melt in transit
by Marcmallo from Minnesota on 9/15/2014
Summer weather in Minnesota is so mercurial that it's hard to predict what stretch of days might be too warm for candy (especially chocolate) to be delivered. This order came during a hot spell and I was very glad I had the heat resistant packaging. Definitely recommend the heat resistant packaging if there is ANY chance your order would be coming in warm weather and/or sitting out in the sun. Well worth the price.
Worked great!
by KED from on 9/14/2014
The cold pack worked wonderfully so my candy arrived in perfect condition!
Amazing Delivery Service
by Debbie from on 9/10/2014
The package was delivered on a 90+ degree day and the candy was packed with cold packs. I retrieved the package from my front porch at 8:00 P.M. and the ice packs were still cold - no melted candy!!!
Packing was Great and Candy Excellent
by Fran from Maryland on 9/10/2014
While I was impressed that my order shipped so quickly, I was even more impressed that the heat resistant packing was offered and insulated the candy from the elements. I had researched other bulk candy companies and this was the first that I found that offered the heat resistant packing. One big company basically said on its website - if it melts, it's your problem - and don't look for a refund. So I kept looking online as that didn't sit well with me and that's why I didn't order from them. So glad I found Oh! Nuts on a website frequented by brides to be. Oh! Nuts is efficient, fast and offered all the colors I was looking for in the candy bar. I am very happy with my order. I'll be back for the next party!
A Big Hit
by LadyHawk171 from Rochester, MN on 8/30/2014
Kept the candy perfect despite sitting at front door in 90 degree heat! THANK YOU!!
Great packaging
by Louie from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 8/5/2014
Candy arrived fresh and cool! I highly recommend this packaging especially if shipping to a warm climate.
Perfectly Preserved!
by GrannyBetty from Curtis, MIchigan on 8/1/2014
The packaging kept my chocolates cool and safe in the shipment process. Nothing damaged, nothing melted. Perfect!
Seems to work like its supposed to.
by Fat ass from Florida on 7/31/2014
Kept the treats from melting together. Mandatory works.
Perfect Packaging
by Alex from on 7/31/2014
I ordered a bunch of meltable stuff in the middle of July. Temperatures were in the mid-80's the entire week that I placed the order. I got the package a day after ordering and when I got it everything was perfect! I had worried I'd end up with one big piece of chocolate but instead I got exactly what I ordered. I would definitely use them again for any candy needs, summer or winter.
great packing materials
by sharony from Brookline, MA on 7/28/2014
I ordered the gummy cherries to bring to my kids on visiting day. They did a great job with the packaging. The product was fresh and delicious!
Worth the Cost
by Nuts from on 7/21/2014
Worth the expense
Kept the candy cool with your terrific packaging
by Jackie from Mineola, New York on 7/20/2014
The cool packaging kept my candies cool and fresh. The July deliveries were fine with this cool pack and your excellent packaging.
Best packaging!
by krissee from westland on 7/5/2014
Great prices & products
Packaging worked as designed.
by Marylander from Maryland, USA on 6/21/2014
This packaging worked as designed.
Heat Resistant Packing is worth the extra cost
by Annette from Mukwonago, WI on 6/20/2014
Sixlets are my future daughter-in-laws favorate candy. I wanted to have them as a favor for the wedding shower. The choices of colors were outstanding and I found one that matches the brides maids dresses perfectly. Everyone loved the candy, it was a very nice treat to have.
I would buy this packaging again
by Bronwyn from Traverse City, MI on 6/19/2014
I sent chocolates as a Father's Day gift to Tucson, AZ. I, highly, recommend the additional heat resistant packaging this time of year! Oh Nuts came through for me and the Father's Day gift was a big hit!
by judy from michigan on 6/15/2014
The gift was greatly appreciated and enjoyed.
by CB from Atlanta, GA on 6/12/2014
Everything was perfect!
Great packaging!
by Tabitha from TN on 6/9/2014
Our cotton candy was packaged in this and it arrive in perfect condition! Very fresh and unharmed from any heat. I even reused the styrofoam for another project!
Bartons Caramel Almond Kisses arrived in perfect condition
by BronxJudy from on 6/4/2014
You can't rate the taste of a "heat resistant package." However, the package did keep the Bartons Caramel Chocolate Kisses in perfect condition.
Excellent Packaging
by CandyLady from Chesterfield, VA on 6/1/2014
Definitely worth the extra few dollars to have my items shipped in cold packaging with styrofoam and cold packs. Great thing is you can reuse the packaging if you need it.
Candy came in perfect condition!
by Pam from Colorado on 5/28/2014
Overnight service was great- on time and in perfect condition! Will most definitely recommend you to my friends!
happy customer
by Sloc from on 10/24/2013
All items came safely without being melted or damaged
Still Cold
by Nazee from Temecula Ca on 10/21/2013
Loved it kept everything cold and was still cold when it arrived
Orange for wedding favors
by gray from chicago on 10/15/2013
Packaging included and guaranteed against melting. Other sites charged for overnight delivery and cold packs and did not guarantee against melting.
Order always fresh
by sue B from potomac,md on 10/13/2013
Although recommended, it's worth the cost to have security of you product at that time when chocolate melts so fast! My orders are always in perfect condition!
Good idea
by Blakes from Michigan on 9/30/2013
A good idea to ship with candy when it runs the risk of melting during the hot summer/early fall months
Packaging did its job!
by Hilltop83 from Poland, OH on 9/16/2013
Ordered chocolate covered almonds when it was quite hot out, so the packaging really got tested. The almonds were still chilled when they arrived and the cooling packets are well made--I will reuse them!
The best packaging!
by Stephani from Maryland on 9/6/2013
Love how my candy comes shipped. Durable box and wonderfully packed.
Heat Resistant Packaging
by Neil from Wayne, NJ on 8/27/2013
We bought many candies for my daughter's wedding candy buffet. Everything arrived perfectly packed, fresh & on time. I was able to reuse the packaging for transport in a 5 hour car ride to the wedding venue - & because of the heat resistant packaging everything remained perfect. Melting was never an issue. Thank You Father of the Bride
Couldn't believe it was still cold
by Farmers Wife from Oklahoma on 8/14/2013
I couldn't believe when we had sixlets shipped in August they would still be cold when they got here but they were. The cold packaging was cool and the candy was saved. Thanks
worked effectively to keep candy fresh
by sue from Pa on 8/12/2013
pretty pearly pink...festive looking tasty treats for wedding guests
Guaranteed Heat Resistant Packaging
by Bumberella from Nashville, TN on 8/12/2013
98 degrees on the date my products were delivered and every piece of candy was PERFECT, even the chocolate. When they say heat-resistant, they mean HEAT-RESISTANT!
by Deanna from on 8/6/2013
The delivery box worked great, all the candy came without melting during the hottest part of the summer. There was still unmelted ice protecting the candy. Great job.
i would buy this again
by andrea from ny on 7/30/2013
Package came fast and fresh. All items were kept cool.
wonderful Packaging
by Joy from Connecticut on 7/26/2013
I am keeping this packaging for other uses. It is perfect for keeping food items cool and fresh??
Absolutely Recommend
by Joy from Connecticut on 7/26/2013
These are used for my wedding favors. Love them!!!?
overall did its job
by KimSA from San Antonio on 7/24/2013
Product itself was not longer cold, nor was the box or any item in the box. However, the product must have done its job, because all the candy inside the box was not harmed in the three digit degree weather in San Antonio!
This was amazing!
by Dianne from Michigan on 7/15/2013
This was mandatory for my order that I place in June. All my chocolate was perfect when it arrived!
Did the Job!
by madean4 from Nebraska on 7/10/2013
I ordered M&M's make favors for my son's rehearsal dinner. I ordered the school colors from his town and his fiancé's town as they met at a basketball game and that was the theme. They arrived in an insulated box and were very fresh. The color was perfect! Although the ice bags were completely melted from the long trip, the M&M's remained fresh, intact and NO MELTING!!
Indeed Guaranteed Heat Resistant Packaging!
by Barbara from 60021 on 7/2/2013
Being that it is summer, the m&ms came in a package very cold and they did not lose color or melt. Very impressed.
Worked great!
by Mikki from Madera CA on 6/24/2013
This refrigerated box did work!
Arrived in excellent condition!
by Robin from on 6/14/2013
Received on our first 90 degree day and the chocolates were just fine!
by Cassidy from on 6/13/2013
Great nothing melted in 80 degree weather on my porch for 4 hours!!!! Excellent!
packaged for perfect delivery of products
by madear from upstate NY on 6/9/2013
the packaging kept the delivery from melting away in the heat and everything arrived in perfect condition
Great fresh products and delicious. Product presentation and quantity and guaranteed quality and excellent customer service. I will purchase again.
by Gensurg1 from Lake Mary, Florida on 6/8/2013
Great products, that arrived fresh with great taste. Product presentation and quantity and guaranteed quality are excellent as well is customer service. I use it for my daughter's graduation Dessert's Buffet. I got a lot of wonderful compliments. I will purchase again and definitely will recommend Oh Nuts!
Packed with Excellence!
by Mother-of-the-Bride from on 6/4/2013
I was hesitant about spending the extra money to have my shipment packed with the heat-resistant materials but very glad I did. It was worth it and Oh! Nuts did a great job making sure when I received my package everything was fresh and unaffected by the heat.
Good to Have!
by tonyaw from Greencastle IN on 8/20/2012
I did not select to add but it was put in for me. I liked having them there however two of five bags were punctured. The leakage from the bags very minimal, did not get on candy just a little sticky on the cool bag itself. Worth the money if shipping far! Mine was within 2 days, great shipping!
by brettsmom93 from St. Charles, MO on 7/13/2012
It was 100 degrees outside and it kept the chocolate from melting. The package was on my front porch for a couple of hours. I was very happy with it.
Items orderes
by Kathy from Mapleton MN on 7/10/2012
Very pleased with itemsd I ordered. They came timely and in excellent condition. Have not used them yet as they are for my daughter's wedding reception
Good Idea, good product
by Lin from Pleasant Lake, In on 6/27/2012
I needed some of the products for a candy buffet for my upcoming wedding, but the weather has been so hot, and these ice packs keep my order in good condition until it reached my home...Thank goodness
still cool a week later in Oregon
by greencat from Oregon on 9/8/2011
ice pack still cool a week after initial shipment
good idea
by george from indy from west lafayette, indiana on 5/23/2011
kept all candy cool...
wedding candy
by Anita from Panama City Fl on 10/25/2010
They were supposed to send ice packs. Which I paid extra for, but they forgot. Lucky for me they didn't melt.I haven't opened any of it yet because its for a wedding in two weeks. The candy looks good,great color. I'm happy with my choice.
worked great -
by Amy from Brooklyn, NY on 9/4/2010
Bought this to accompany shipping chocolate - worked like a charm!
Well worth it
by Justmarried from Houston, TX on 7/15/2010
These ice packs are well worth the purchase. None of my candy was melted and it was delivered late June in houston, tx. HOT!!! They even sat outside my apartment for 3 hrs and they were still good. I have the packs in my freezer and use them now for lunches and injuries =)
Ice. Yes, Ice.
by Chris the Art Director from Los Angeles, CA on 7/14/2010
The pack can be saved and reused for small coolers and injuries.
Ice Packs work great.
by MR. BILL from Clinton, MD on 7/12/2010
To keep product preserved and fresh.
Worth It!
by gerontologee from Dallas, Texas on 10/5/2009
I was worried that the cold pack wouldn't be cold enough, but it was fantastic.
by Brenda from La Plata, MD on 9/1/2009
I was concerned about ordering chocolate/mint lentils. It has been very hot & I didn't want melted candy for our baby shower. These ice packings saved the day. All of the candy was totally intact--not a melted mint in the bunch!! Thanks, Brenda :-)
Worked Great
by CMNeil from Michigan on 8/4/2009
Ice packs did the job they were intended to and and for only one dollar extra were worth the comfort of knowing the candy would stay in good condition.